Friday, December 30, 2011

Game Making Software

So far on my new Super Princess Project, I spent about four or more hours learning a new piece of software called Game Editor. I don't think it is going to work out. I love that its scripting is based on C, what I don't like is simple things like collision checking are a pain in the ass. Namely trying to get an object to not walk through the side of a block.

I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I really feel it does not have good documentation. Game Editor has a nice on screen tutorial system but the tutorials are lacking and I couldn't find any searchable documentation.

I suppose I could have spent more time on the forum and maybe I will give that another quick look. I just think that game making software should be quick to set up a basic walk left-right and jump prototype.

As far as I can tell Construct 2 has vanished. I liked Construct 1 but it's not only not being developed but also there sites are either down or gone.

I researched lots of other game makers and they are either very in depth 3d engines, suck or both. Which leaves back With Game Maker by yoyo games. Back when it was interdependently owned it was the only thing I used. But I have payed for the software 3 times but "every other" time I change computers or uninstall it yoyo games wants me to buy a new copy. They do it to try and combat piracy which is stupid because it s so easy to find a torrent for Game Maker.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do but its likely I'm not sticking with Game Editor. Also can't these guys come up with more unque Software names. Come on Construct, editor, maker....

Why not Something like Nirvana; The Easy Design Studio. See that would be a more memorable name. Or Imagitarium.

So anyway all I made so far was a princess sprite that walks left and right (a,d) and can jump (spacebar) and run (.)

Since I want to get or stay in the habit of actualy releasing things here is an .exe and then also the Game Editor file and data folder in a .zip

Super Princess Sisters: Queen of the World. (first fail)

SPSQW game editor and data files .zip
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