Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solo Adventures

I started a character by playing through the intro adventures in D&D basic edition. Which was rather nostalgic. I decided I am going to try the original fighter they give you and see how far I can take him through solo adventures. I named him Master Durgeon.

So far I have taken him through those two adventures in the booklet and also BSOLO Ghost Lion Castle. Which was easier then I expected, mostly because it was written for a wizard character and I was using full plate and came in with a potion of healing and extra rations. It was a rather fun adventure, though confusing since I was playing using a pdf and almost never looked at the maps.

I loved that adventures use of the Magic Journal which has giving me tons of ideas for adventure plots and for campaigns involving a similar magic journal. 

I have been doing my best to play the solo adventures to the word of the adventure. Which I think was very funny when at the end of this one it made no mention of me giving the maps or Magic Journal back.

So far in every adventure Durgeon has had all or most of his monetary treasure that he found vanish or get stolen before making it back to town. Luckily I gained a level by getting Sargon's Ring. It has been alot of fun playing basic edition.

Here is what my current character sheet/notes has become.

Master Durgeon

lvl 2 Lawful Warrior 2099 / 4000 xp

HP 8 / 
AC 2

17 Str +2                  Poison 12
11 Dex                      Wands 13
16 Con +2                Paralysis 14
9 Int                           Breath 15
8 Wis                        Magic 16
14 Cha +1

+10% xp

gp:  3             
ep:  1             

Sword 1d6
Silver Kitchen Knife 1d4
Platemail + Shield
Ring of Sargon
1 Large Sack
2 Cloth Sacks
2 torches
Tinder Box
Water Skin
16 days iron rations
50' rope
Maps of Lion Castle
Magic Journal
potion of healing
Scroll 3 lvl 1 spells

Aleena The Cleric (DEAD-Buried)
Baldwick the armorer

3 Rats:
2 Goblin
1 Bugbear
1 Giant Ferret
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