Monday, February 19, 2018

BFRPG Adventure Log 2: Entering Morgansfort and the return to The Old Island Fortress.

In the last Adventurelog (playing BFRPG) the dwarven cleric Alloy Mc'Copertin was leaving the Old Island Fortress with his comrade Fospherous Copperblade's body, gear and 5 giants hexs of honey strapped to his pony. Followed by a female kobold who believe the two of them to now be mates.

They travel along the old road, west at first and then north and quickly arrived at Morgansfort. Walking into the 10 foot wide passage through the gate house their reception was less then friendly. The guards were slightly taken aback but not fearful of the lonely kobold next to the dwarf but
without the ability to communicate in common they eventually submitted to being searched and having their weapons temporarily confiscated.

Their coins were counted and they had less then 5 gold pieces on them, none the less 1 gold was taken as tax and the rest crimped with an inked pressing tool to mark them as legal current tender.

They were then escorted by two gaurds into the keep, east and then north around past the stable straight to the warehouse, where they were shown their weapons being stored, the cost of which would be covered by their over payment of tax rather then haggled with more.

Then they were led back to the stables where the gaurds argued with the family running it for a bit. After some time and a bit of wandering their eyes around the common area they were led to the traders. Alloy had still failed to communicate much and mistook the trader as another warehouse. However, eventually it was established that the trade would purchase the honeycombs.

The price of the honey combs in South Town (the unnamed town from JN1 The Chaotic Caves.) is listed in the overland keyed location 7 at 40-50 gp each. Morgansfort doesn't receive much of a supply of honey or sweets and the trader would have payed 50 but after time wasted dealing with the guards, the dwarf and the pony he decided to pay only 40 each resulting in 200 GP being handed over to the dwarf.

Alloy separated them into two bags, figuring the honey was as much the kobolds as his he handed her a bag. This of course completely shocked the female kobold as she had never had more then 1 gp in her hand before.

Exiting the trader and not knowing where to go they saw the nearest faded sign to the north depicted dried herbs. So they entered wondering if food was sold there but found a friendly women who eventually had her daughter make them tea and  she sat with them for awhile, realizing they had no idea she was an apothecary.

Alloy and the kobold eventually were asked to leave without much trouble and upon exiting noticed a nicer looking sign across the way with an image of a beer mug. So they walked past the sign with a moon and into the tavern.

Six people sat around a table as two young waitress served wine and beer. They are reacted unfriendly toward the newcomers, Alloy smiled at them but choose to sit at the bar. He placed a gold coin on the bar, the kobold copying but with only 1 copper coin.

Each of them were given a hearty meal and mug of ale. After some time the dwarf got weary of bad looks and decided to try and make friends. He gestured at a serving tray and showed six of his fingers and then slid of six gold coins. Having over payed and been given six beers he carried them to the table and handed them out amongst the men. all of which disliked his show boating as they took.

Alloy eventually realized his plane failed he stormed out into the night, surprising no gaurds were around. He stormed into the stable and untied his pony and saddled it up. The stablemaster's son awoke in the loft and jumped down but shouting at the dwarf had no effect and was his pony but he decided to briefly call for the guard. Again the night patrol had a either not come around yet or already passed. (rolls were failing badly for them)

The kobold hissed at the human shutting him up. Alloy then led his pony over to the warehouse which was locked from the inside with between 1-4 workers asleep in there assuming none were at the tavern or hidden somewhere gambling.

Upon trying the door and finding it stuff Alloy shoved his shoulder into ( 1 in 6 chance to force a door open and rolling a 1, well the lock probably wasn't amazing anyway) the warehouse was dark but the dwarf didn't need a light. He began loading up his weapons.

A single worker awoke with a start and saw small creatures moving about the warehouse then heard a flick and was hit in the chest with a gold coin. (failed his moral save and couldn't entirely see what was happening)

Nothing was stolen save for one spear that the kobold took.

Exiting the warehouse a roll was again made for the watch, another had been made while inside. Still no gaurds around but extra rolls were made for the adjacent tower, no guards were looking.

Upon reaching the front gate with a fully loaded pony and confidently walking out the front gaurds raised the get just high enough for the two to duck under and be on their way.

The kobold and Alloy traveled along the old road that night uneventfully, rowed across the calm waters to the Old Island Fort. Entered without any random encounters greeted the kobolds now guarding the honey room and then went along past entering the Kobold lair and sharing some of their coin from the sell of honey they laid down for night, comfortably away from the annoying humans.

In all likely hood the kobold clan will end up being hired as mercenaries or Alloy may also find himself involved in a clan war against neighboring goblins he is yet to learn about.

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