Friday, January 30, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 5 (Gerg learns to enchant)

This is part 5 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

After returning to town wounded from fighting another hunter and a giant lizard, Gerg has realized each time he returns the scorpion hunters are better prepared for him.

He previously learned an armor enchantment spell but had no training or experince in ceremony or enchanting rituals.

He asked his shaman friend to prepare to teach him another spell while he hires someone to train him in town.

First returning to his old trainer and increasing his ability to fight with spear and buckler only slightly, then spent some time learning to listen and track.

He also spent about three months studing ceremony and enchanting as well as painting or dyeing so he could makes his own runes on leather armor.

During this time the shaman he befriended found a spirit that would raise his Strength spell. (I am doing all the spells random so I cannot just pick and choose what I feel would be most powerful.)

Finally he was ready to try enchanting. I wasn't sure if failing a cermony check meant you had to proced with no bonus or if you could abort and try the cermony again, since once you try the final enchantment roll a failure means you lose the power you were going to put into the enchantment.

So I tried to comprimise by rolling nearly individualy for each hour or more of ceremoney. This may have been too easy as it gauranteed at least some bonus. But his skills were still a bit low.

He successfully enchanted his buckler with 3 more points of armor and each arm of his leather armor about 5 points of armor each.

He failed once on his right arm as well as on the head and chest of his armor. Each of these was done as a seperate ritual taking over a week. In all costing him 6 Pow.

I may have handled some of the rolls incorrectly but in the end he got about half done what he wanted.

In RQ 3e it says ritual skills never gain exp from use but only through research. Im not sure I agree with that.

After a week of rest and then recalculating his skill levels due to the power change and his new spell, he would set back out for Scorpion Hall.

Up to this point more then half of his 11k copper pennies were still left so I subtracted another thousand assuming they went toward enchanting and training supplies, new clothes, equipment repairs and other expenses. Maybe in the future he will just increase his cost of living to a higher category.

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