Thursday, June 16, 2016

Funny Story. To me anyway,

    Originally I was going to share part of this as a passing comment on my patreon account but decided that it was too long so I cut it while thinking "But I kinda want to share this story." Then I remembered what Anthony Hargis said in a comment,

"Do what makes you happy. I haven't had a gaming group in years. If that's all I wanted to write about, I'd really have nothing to say. Write what you feel, you'll be happier for it and your blog will be all the better for it too."

I took this mean blog about whatever I want to so I decided to bring the Story over here,

     So at the moment I am switching computers again after recently having had my macbook power cable burn out for the idk 3rd-5th time something like that. But I did get another computer running just this last week and so now I am using that,

     How I got the computer started when my wife was leaving to go shopping and called me outside and told me there was a shopping cart in the dumpster down the street. She could see it sticking out of the dumpster from our yard. I figured buying a cart like that can cost between 1-3 hundred dollars last I knew so no harm in checking it out. Turned out to be a shorter one with two baskets and a bottom shelf all metal but the kind of style you might see at a dollar store. All the company logo's had been removed by who ever likely stole it but since it was in the trash why not take it out.

     That's when I saw underneath it was a busted up looking computer. Since we were down to one barely functioning laptop that can't run most games without overheating even using 2-3 fans and its internal cooling fan. I decided to take a look at this dumpster computer.

     One second my wife is driving by in the car thinking I'm pulling a cart out of a dumpster, the next second I have jumped inside the dumpster and am shouting "Yes! Yes!"

     I could tell from the sticker on the case that it was a windows vista computer and based on how nice the outside metal and plastic was I could tell it was likely new enough to be dual core. Not only that but the case had been opened and the removable panel was missing, telling me two things."

    One; someone tried to repair it and threw it away. Meaning it wasn't thrown out just from being to old. Two; I could see two ram chips, a dvd drive, a hard drive, power supply, cooling fan, motherboard. This would be worth taking just for the parts alone.

     After having sailed across the sea with my victorious bounty of pirate treasure. I was now in my living room with my old broken vista computer I always thought I could fix and this new one I had acquired.

    Using a CD I got form college with windows 7 on it and about an hour of fighting with the new computer I got it to boot with a new operating system. Unfortunately the product key on my CD seems to no longer be valid so I am left with windows saying it is not genuine until I buy a new key, but now that I could look at the computer properties it indeed was dual core, and 64 bit with 2 GB of RAM.

     So from my broken computer I pulled out two 1.5 GB RAM sticks and the old hard drive and dvd drive and added the ram to the new computer, mounted and connected the hard drive and lazily left the dvd drive lying around.

     Booting back up the new computer it was now running smoothly and showing 5 GB of RAM and an unknown device which is likely the hard drive I need to find a way to make work. Maybe it needs drivers or something something about a IDE switch needing to be set to slave idk.

     But this desktop was running great, turned out it has no real capability to play 3d games, hopefully a graphics card can be added, but with 5 GB of RAM and no over heating problems it was amzing to be able to surf the internet while installing steam and running slim drivers and even netflix worked very well. Oh yeah, we did have an old windows XP desktop we inherited but it takes it 5 mins to load chrome and can't play netflix at all.

     Also from the dumpster a nice looking keyboard, not sticky or anything, but a quarter of the keys don't seam to register. No mouse, but it did come with a nice monitor with built in speakers so all I had to down was track down an old audio cable and now I have a desktop with sound. The XP desktop's speakers weren't working for some reason.

     So there is my family excited to be having some good luck and now we have two working computers and a crumby shopping cart when my wife decides to go do her homework on her laptop. I had been using it to play The Binding of Isaac so she logs me out and logs into her account but nothing seams to be working. She can't launch chrome or firefox and eventually realizes nothing will run.

     So she does her home work on our new dumpster computer while I power off her lap top and find it now won't boot back up, startup repairs gets stuck on a black screen, booting windows gets stuck on the starting windows screen and booting from my CD goes to a black screen with a curser.

     Safe mode doesn't work, low resolution mode doesn't work. Idk, I guess something is broken with the graphics driver based on my google research but anyway it's not working at all and only one or two days after I finally got the motivation to get back to working on my making video games.

     So for better or worse we are back to only one working computer and although it is working faster and nicer then the laptop it has a non valid copy of windows and can't play 3d video games.

     Kinda funny, Kinda sucky, Long Post.

If you read clear to here then cheers mate.
heromedel (Blue Jester needs new computer, badly)

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