Friday, April 27, 2012

Directions for this blog.

Throughout this year the direction of this blog has changed numerous time from trying to put out my own content, to covering things closely such as Adventures Dark and Deep. Doing reviews of other products to even spending some months not being an rpg blog at all.

From here my intentions is that this be now and forever an rpg blog, maybe occasionally some other content like my Conan movie review or something else might get mixed in, but mainly an rpg blog.

I have a few thoughts about how to handle my posts. First I could do as before and simply post whenever I feel like it. Second I could save some posts to post on days I don't want to write. Third I could have specific days that specific content is posted.

I think i would like to go with at least one or two days that have specific content, that way readers can get use to looking forward (or avoiding) that day. Other then that I'll likely just post when I feel like it.

As for what content I want to post at the moment I'm not sure. Mostly I have been looking at playing a combination of d&d systems or playing Palladium, It's likely that I'll start playing 3.5 again very soon but frankly, I am still waiting for my damn legends and labyrinths book as I would rather play that then straight 3.5. 

One day I intend to get more involved with one specific rpg, kinda like I was with ADD but more closly maybe even release some products. In a way though I am waiting to see what d&d 5e (or d&d next) is going to be like.

UPDATE: Novemeber 24 2012

It's been awhile since I made this post or did any blogging, been busy with college and kids and general real life stuff. I should have been blogging about my play testing of D&D next more thoroughly maybe with campaign logs or something but I just didn't want to add one more thing to my table.

Anyway, I'll likely be blogging about Adventures Dark and Deep and maybe my own rules and first edition D&D for a little while.

I could have made a new post instead of attaching to an old one but I really don't like blogs that just talk about blogging or people saying I'll be back over and over. Expect another Article out today about D&D next.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back In

I got an email today saying I was accepted into the RPG Blog Alliance, which is weird since I didn't re-contact them in anyway. But if I really am back in the alliance then that's rather convenient timing since I am writing about roleplaying again as well as actually getting to play again.

Recently I ran a game of Keep on the Borderlands with a few small twists, first starting of with a keep from my own campaign setting, sibra1, and a few changes based on things from our last encounters in the caves of chaos.

But the main thing that was a new attempt for us using B2 was letting one player use a 2nd edition characters and another use a 3rd edition one, it really wasn't all that hard. Most things like death, xp, gold ect. was handled using basic edition rules where as each players skills used their respective editions rules.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solo Adventures

I started a character by playing through the intro adventures in D&D basic edition. Which was rather nostalgic. I decided I am going to try the original fighter they give you and see how far I can take him through solo adventures. I named him Master Durgeon.

So far I have taken him through those two adventures in the booklet and also BSOLO Ghost Lion Castle. Which was easier then I expected, mostly because it was written for a wizard character and I was using full plate and came in with a potion of healing and extra rations. It was a rather fun adventure, though confusing since I was playing using a pdf and almost never looked at the maps.

I loved that adventures use of the Magic Journal which has giving me tons of ideas for adventure plots and for campaigns involving a similar magic journal. 

I have been doing my best to play the solo adventures to the word of the adventure. Which I think was very funny when at the end of this one it made no mention of me giving the maps or Magic Journal back.

So far in every adventure Durgeon has had all or most of his monetary treasure that he found vanish or get stolen before making it back to town. Luckily I gained a level by getting Sargon's Ring. It has been alot of fun playing basic edition.

Here is what my current character sheet/notes has become.

Master Durgeon

lvl 2 Lawful Warrior 2099 / 4000 xp

HP 8 / 
AC 2

17 Str +2                  Poison 12
11 Dex                      Wands 13
16 Con +2                Paralysis 14
9 Int                           Breath 15
8 Wis                        Magic 16
14 Cha +1

+10% xp

gp:  3             
ep:  1             

Sword 1d6
Silver Kitchen Knife 1d4
Platemail + Shield
Ring of Sargon
1 Large Sack
2 Cloth Sacks
2 torches
Tinder Box
Water Skin
16 days iron rations
50' rope
Maps of Lion Castle
Magic Journal
potion of healing
Scroll 3 lvl 1 spells

Aleena The Cleric (DEAD-Buried)
Baldwick the armorer

3 Rats:
2 Goblin
1 Bugbear
1 Giant Ferret

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Might be back into playing d&d.

Yesterday, Me and Laisa made some characters using the box set for basic Dungeons and Dragons. We are planning on running them through the original B-series of modules. Most likely using B1-9 in search of adventure.

At the Same time Mike is interested in starting to come over to either play in the same campaigne or to DM a 2nd edition one. Also two people Anna and Lynn might start gaming with us.

So who knows maybe this time in the next month or two I might be back into the full swing on Gaming and bloging. I am also working on my own little version of a d20ish system I am currently Code naming SOCCER. It basically starts as D&D stripped down to nothing but Str, Dex, Con, HP and AC and then all abilities and other stats are added through picking up Abilities or adding optional rules. Most of which will be gained by spending levels or rather hit dice to get an ability instead. For example you could choose weather to add 1d8 hit points in between your adventures or gaining a bardic music ability instead.

From the way things are going with it, I am thinking the abilities could start moving the game away from any specific version of D&D but if the GM wanted he could choose to use D&D abilities instead or along side them. It's still in a very rough draft form though and needs play testing of course.

One other thing that might get me back into D&D Blogging is I am thinking of making a character tonight and playing through any official solo adventures I can find, even introductory ones.
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