Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back In

I got an email today saying I was accepted into the RPG Blog Alliance, which is weird since I didn't re-contact them in anyway. But if I really am back in the alliance then that's rather convenient timing since I am writing about roleplaying again as well as actually getting to play again.

Recently I ran a game of Keep on the Borderlands with a few small twists, first starting of with a keep from my own campaign setting, sibra1, and a few changes based on things from our last encounters in the caves of chaos.

But the main thing that was a new attempt for us using B2 was letting one player use a 2nd edition characters and another use a 3rd edition one, it really wasn't all that hard. Most things like death, xp, gold ect. was handled using basic edition rules where as each players skills used their respective editions rules.
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