Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Might be back into playing d&d.

Yesterday, Me and Laisa made some characters using the box set for basic Dungeons and Dragons. We are planning on running them through the original B-series of modules. Most likely using B1-9 in search of adventure.

At the Same time Mike is interested in starting to come over to either play in the same campaigne or to DM a 2nd edition one. Also two people Anna and Lynn might start gaming with us.

So who knows maybe this time in the next month or two I might be back into the full swing on Gaming and bloging. I am also working on my own little version of a d20ish system I am currently Code naming SOCCER. It basically starts as D&D stripped down to nothing but Str, Dex, Con, HP and AC and then all abilities and other stats are added through picking up Abilities or adding optional rules. Most of which will be gained by spending levels or rather hit dice to get an ability instead. For example you could choose weather to add 1d8 hit points in between your adventures or gaining a bardic music ability instead.

From the way things are going with it, I am thinking the abilities could start moving the game away from any specific version of D&D but if the GM wanted he could choose to use D&D abilities instead or along side them. It's still in a very rough draft form though and needs play testing of course.

One other thing that might get me back into D&D Blogging is I am thinking of making a character tonight and playing through any official solo adventures I can find, even introductory ones.
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