Friday, December 30, 2011

Game Making Software

So far on my new Super Princess Project, I spent about four or more hours learning a new piece of software called Game Editor. I don't think it is going to work out. I love that its scripting is based on C, what I don't like is simple things like collision checking are a pain in the ass. Namely trying to get an object to not walk through the side of a block.

I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I really feel it does not have good documentation. Game Editor has a nice on screen tutorial system but the tutorials are lacking and I couldn't find any searchable documentation.

I suppose I could have spent more time on the forum and maybe I will give that another quick look. I just think that game making software should be quick to set up a basic walk left-right and jump prototype.

As far as I can tell Construct 2 has vanished. I liked Construct 1 but it's not only not being developed but also there sites are either down or gone.

I researched lots of other game makers and they are either very in depth 3d engines, suck or both. Which leaves back With Game Maker by yoyo games. Back when it was interdependently owned it was the only thing I used. But I have payed for the software 3 times but "every other" time I change computers or uninstall it yoyo games wants me to buy a new copy. They do it to try and combat piracy which is stupid because it s so easy to find a torrent for Game Maker.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do but its likely I'm not sticking with Game Editor. Also can't these guys come up with more unque Software names. Come on Construct, editor, maker....

Why not Something like Nirvana; The Easy Design Studio. See that would be a more memorable name. Or Imagitarium.

So anyway all I made so far was a princess sprite that walks left and right (a,d) and can jump (spacebar) and run (.)

Since I want to get or stay in the habit of actualy releasing things here is an .exe and then also the Game Editor file and data folder in a .zip

Super Princess Sisters: Queen of the World. (first fail)

SPSQW game editor and data files .zip

Completing Projects

I need to and am beginning to like the idea of getting myself into the habit of completing projects and/or goals. I have been playing around with an idea for a small game in my head and have also been thinking I should keep my projects goals smaller and obtainable. It also occurred to me that by simple telling other people I intend to do something I am more motivated to actually do it.

So as a test for all this I have decided to announce a small game I intend to make. The name I have for it, for now, is "Super Princess Sisters: Queen of the World." The .001 version will contain the following.

  • A level (possibly mimicking level 1 of classic super Mario)
  • 3 unique objects
  • The entire game world will be mine-able (think terraria, or minecraft)
  • Monsters will have a new spawning method (an Idea I'm keeping secret for now)
  • It will have at least 3 different block types
  • There will be at least 4 enemies using two different types of AI
  • The charactor will able to move and jump
  • have at least 2 unique modes for the character too be in
  • and at least 2 holdable items + a shovel or pick type item
So now I know exactly what I want to have ready for .001 and I will know to work on these and not to worry about much else. Once .001 is done I intend to make a title screen and maybe rework some of the art 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Haven and Hearth

I was looking for a game that had things such as Crafting and Building but with skills or levels as well. One I found is called Haven and Hearth. It's still in alpha (and free) but is decently playable with its biggest flaw being a sever lack in audio.

It also has a steep learning curve that pretty much requires the use of its wiki and yet is still confusing at times. It has a wide variety of skills. abilities and attributes which is pretty cool but picking the wrong skills in the beginning can be annoying.

Once you get the hang of though its a fun mix of crafting and building using both in game and real time measurements for various things. The way you gain learning points by discovering new items or studying curiosity is interesting but can be slow if you don't know what your doing. Also you increase your stats based on what kind of foods you eat.

One interesting aspect is death is permanent wether its starving to death or being ran over by a boar. If you like games like halo or anything on the xbox really, you might get bored way to quickly to ever figure this one out. But if your into games like runecraft and nethack and also like Terraria you might love this game.

I'm not completly sure if its being developed much anymore though. One thing I love about the game though is there is one massive server on which everyone plays, yet its also decently quiet, so you can find your self running into camps or even villages built by other players.

Maybe they come back and see you stole from them or maybe they died long ago. When you die and make a new character all that stuff you made is still out there somewhere. I honestly think if I got a few friend together  this game would be could be funner then minecraft (which I'm sadly bored of anyway).

Monday, December 26, 2011

My best Christmas Gift this year.

This was originally a comment to a question asked by Ayoub, but I decided I want to save it so I'm posting it here.

I took my five year old son and his sister to the mall earlier this month so they could play in the malls playland. We happened to notice the mall had a man dressed as Santa Claus.

So I took my son over to see him (while his sister stayed with their mom and we switched later) He was excited to see Santa and kept ending every sentence with Santa

Hi Santa, Yes Santa, Of course Santa.

When asked what he wanted for Christmas he said, "A Christmas Book Santa" Turns out They had free coloring books, so Santa Reaches behind his back and what do you know he Has A Christmas Book.

After Thanking him My son gets up looks at him With this Huge Grin and Says "I Love You Santa!"

It was the sweetest thing I ever saw. Despite my original intention of never teaching my kids to believe in him.

Review: Live Free or Die Hard

I recently watched all the diehard movies and then realized there was a fourth one I had never seen, Live Free or Die Hard. When it comes to movies I feel there is two different ways to approach them, either judge them on their own merit or compare them to what they are based off of.

On its own merit I'm not sure how strongly this movie stands, its an interesting mix of modern technology, terrorism and old school action movie with some really nice scenes, such as hitting a helicopter with a car. However its where the movie comes from that it really shines.

As a Bruce Willis fan I thought it was great movie, with all the classic Bruce Willis Features, estranged from his family and having a really bad day he kicks the crap out of everyone who pisses him off while still remaining the good guy.

As a Diehard movie it managed to continue the films nicely enough and bring it into the 21st century.

 I love watching John McCain as he fights terrorist from Diehard with a car phone in a limo and using a radio to talk to police outside the building, Diehard 2 where his wife brags about the 90'S having airphones and faxs, clear through to Live Free or Diehard where he teams up with, well a hacker, and if it weren't his computer skills John McCain might not have known what to do at all.

Now when I give stars here is how I do it.

1 star,  I hated this movie and wish I could give 0 stars but netflix doesn't have that option.
2 stars, for some reason I just dont want to watch this movie or probably any like it
3 stars, this movie was ok, tolerable, I might watch it but not love it
4 stars, I really like this movie and will probably like anything similar
5 stars, I loved this and want more, please please give me more.

I rarely ever give anything 5 stars,

Too be fair I gave this movie 4 stars, Its a good action movie, and a great sequel if you like Diehard Films. But since I look forward to any action movie with Bruce Willis in it I actually gave it 5 stars. I'm not saying that it breaks many, if any molds or barriers. And I'm not saying it redefines any genres.

I'm just saying I was not disappointed, I would watch this movie again and plan too in the future and cant wait for the next installment. Which I believe is in pre-production as, A Good Day to Diehard.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Someone Translate

So I was looking through my backlinks seeing where my traffic was coming from and I found a portuguese website that although I can't read a thing on it the blog looks fricken hilarious. I can only imagine that if someone would translate the pictures I'd only be laughing harder.

Here is one of them:

Removed from the RPGBA

I thought long and hard about this and I finally decided it is best I remove my blog from The RPGBA. I did this for two reasons, 1. I'm not currently blogging about RPG's  2. I'd like to continue blogging about whatever I want without making a separate blog site quite yet.

If anyone is reading this I can only assume you liked my rpg blogs and don't worry when I do play or decided to blog about an rpg I will. But now I will feel more free to blog about movies, video games and maybe even opinions once in awhile.

I want to thank Mystic Scholar for being very active on reading and commenting which has helped to keep me motivated. I also want to thank Ayoub and Nina both of whom helped teach me to value writing in a better way. Justin Alexander from The Alexandrian was my first look into reading rpg blogs and got me hooked so therfore was a main reason I began this blog in particular.

And Finally Thomas Avasol who's personal approach on spiritling taught me that staying active on a project is the only way I will ever get anything done.

So starting soon hopefully I plan to write about whatever inspires me, first off might be more about Terraria and then maybe about the Die Hard series. I doubt I will ever make money off this blog but I very much believe I will be posting for many years to come.

Also I might start a forum or website to help me manage my Terraria and or Minecraft servers better.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Final Opinion on the Terraria 1.1 patch.

Turns out practically everything added in this patch was end game content, and by end game I mean after what use to be the end game. Might as well have been like a sequel, after you have the powerful equipment you use to be able to get and most likely have explored your whole map, then you can unlock all the new stuff by killing The Wall of Flesh.
Corrupt Bunnies Breaking In

The one thing that is new before then is the ability for your weapons and accessories to have enchantments (prefixes) that are randomly determined when the object is crafted (or generated to be found). This adds a whole new element to the game as you can have a character built the same way as before but with additional things on the same items.

Such as an Obsidian Skull with the Arcane prefix will grant an additional 20 mana.

Once you do reach the end game content the whole world gets harder and you have whole new reasons to go mining, hunting, exploring and probably even rebuilding after you relize you old house isn't so safe after all.

So far I have put in another approx. 48+ hours of playing (8 days at least 6+ hours a day). This patch alone bring me up to likely over 200 hours I have put into playing Terraria so whatever you do don't buy this game, hour hands will hurt and you'll forget to do the dishes.

(actualy the is likely a very low estimate I might be putting in 12+ hours a day but don't want to admit it, but that'd be like over another 100 hours of playability since this patch. I started from the beginning again of course)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Terraria Housing Glitch

In this Terraria screenshot you can clearly see my castle working just fine filled with npc's living in the rooms. Shortly after it was taken, and I'm not sure what caused it, every room in the castle started saying "This is not suitable housing" and all the npc's left.

I tried researching what could have caused it and it appears it has nothing to do with any of my recent changes.

So all though I hope someone has an answer to this bug, mostly I just wanted to say look at my awesome castle I built :).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Current Status.

Still playing Terraria, haven't touched minecraft since Terraria's 1.1 patch.

Looking for more people to add on steam who'd like to play on a small private Terraria Server I host.

Tomorrow is Laisa's Birthday so Far I got her an Xperia PLay, 5 sets of earrings and a new piercing and some Clothes. Thinking of baking a cake from scratch.

Still no dnd recently, I think I might try some hack and slash with my wife or maybe invite mike over for some ADD.

Tried to get back into writing then didn't write a single word (totaly missed NaNoWriMo or whatever it's called.)

I think forum based gaming would work best for me now.

Thinking of starting a new blog about how corporations suck and my attempts at breaking away from them.

Honestly I'm starting to think If I don't write more gaming content I shouldn't be in the RPGBA.

Imagine if Terraria had DMing tools like neverwinter nights DM mode that'd be awesome.
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