Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: Live Free or Die Hard

I recently watched all the diehard movies and then realized there was a fourth one I had never seen, Live Free or Die Hard. When it comes to movies I feel there is two different ways to approach them, either judge them on their own merit or compare them to what they are based off of.

On its own merit I'm not sure how strongly this movie stands, its an interesting mix of modern technology, terrorism and old school action movie with some really nice scenes, such as hitting a helicopter with a car. However its where the movie comes from that it really shines.

As a Bruce Willis fan I thought it was great movie, with all the classic Bruce Willis Features, estranged from his family and having a really bad day he kicks the crap out of everyone who pisses him off while still remaining the good guy.

As a Diehard movie it managed to continue the films nicely enough and bring it into the 21st century.

 I love watching John McCain as he fights terrorist from Diehard with a car phone in a limo and using a radio to talk to police outside the building, Diehard 2 where his wife brags about the 90'S having airphones and faxs, clear through to Live Free or Diehard where he teams up with, well a hacker, and if it weren't his computer skills John McCain might not have known what to do at all.

Now when I give stars here is how I do it.

1 star,  I hated this movie and wish I could give 0 stars but netflix doesn't have that option.
2 stars, for some reason I just dont want to watch this movie or probably any like it
3 stars, this movie was ok, tolerable, I might watch it but not love it
4 stars, I really like this movie and will probably like anything similar
5 stars, I loved this and want more, please please give me more.

I rarely ever give anything 5 stars,

Too be fair I gave this movie 4 stars, Its a good action movie, and a great sequel if you like Diehard Films. But since I look forward to any action movie with Bruce Willis in it I actually gave it 5 stars. I'm not saying that it breaks many, if any molds or barriers. And I'm not saying it redefines any genres.

I'm just saying I was not disappointed, I would watch this movie again and plan too in the future and cant wait for the next installment. Which I believe is in pre-production as, A Good Day to Diehard.
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