Friday, December 30, 2011

Completing Projects

I need to and am beginning to like the idea of getting myself into the habit of completing projects and/or goals. I have been playing around with an idea for a small game in my head and have also been thinking I should keep my projects goals smaller and obtainable. It also occurred to me that by simple telling other people I intend to do something I am more motivated to actually do it.

So as a test for all this I have decided to announce a small game I intend to make. The name I have for it, for now, is "Super Princess Sisters: Queen of the World." The .001 version will contain the following.

  • A level (possibly mimicking level 1 of classic super Mario)
  • 3 unique objects
  • The entire game world will be mine-able (think terraria, or minecraft)
  • Monsters will have a new spawning method (an Idea I'm keeping secret for now)
  • It will have at least 3 different block types
  • There will be at least 4 enemies using two different types of AI
  • The charactor will able to move and jump
  • have at least 2 unique modes for the character too be in
  • and at least 2 holdable items + a shovel or pick type item
So now I know exactly what I want to have ready for .001 and I will know to work on these and not to worry about much else. Once .001 is done I intend to make a title screen and maybe rework some of the art 
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