Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Work 1

Common Rabble

Rolling Stats: They all count as 10
Size: Large Speed 30

HD 1d12 + 3

Skills: Choose 1 skill at 4 ranks, 2 skills at 3 ranks, 4 skills at 2 ranks, and treat all skills as though aid another +2 is always being used. +1 skill point per level.

Proficiency: Simple Weapons and Improvised weapons. (such as torches, pitchforks ect.)

* requires at least 2 of any mundane weapon or armor to count as equipped.

1 feat
2 +1 ba
3 +1 f,r,w, feat
4 +1 ba, stat bonus
5 Treat all attacks as +2 from aid another. (can be switched to +2 ac if fighting defensively).

Upon multi classing the best man from the group becomes an adventurer

divide hp by 2, change size to med, aid another bonus of +1 remains (still hears and remembers the voices of his comrades).

ADD kickstarter

I don't feel like writing a long post at the moment. But there is currently an Adventures Dark and Deep, kickstarter project.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The New Death and Others, Free for limited time.

Not to long ago I mentioned a book called The New Death and others. It's filled with short stories that are somewhat inter connected and rather amusing with a fairytale like feel but darker.

So if you want a free copy from amazon here is the link

On a side not I find it difficult to be motivated to put any quality work into my blog ever since my Windows vista snippet tool stopped working. I tried making it re-install but that didn't fix it. It just wont let me save the image I snip.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

EA games has released the beta latest Command and Conquer game using next generation graphics and gameplay. Well maybe not, that is instead they made a browser based game, you know free to play ecept we want all your money type.

Currently I have been trying out the beta and as far as browser based supposedly free to play games go it's not to bad. Resource production is easy to figure out. it has a simplified way of attacking people and sending in waves of units. And so far I have no been pressured into inviting people.

Other the ambient noise most of the sound effects are decent enough. Worst part so far is that you can only choose GDI and might never be able to change your choice on a specific server and also it looks as though all current players are in protected status.

So for now I must content myself attacking Forgotten Camps, which has been very easy. You can start and invite people into alliances and attacking is based on distance and the amount of command points you have. Basically it costs 10 points + 1-2 per tile away from your base to attack.

Seeing as how there are not many players yet I guess getting in now is a good chance to become either a top player or blogger/forum member about the game.

For example I'm not sure if you must destroy a defense HQ to get the supply crate from it or if Destroying the Construction yard and thus looting the camp will also get you that supply crate. I have asked on the forum and there are no websites discussing strategies for this game. So for now I am making sure to destroy the Defense HQ, hey I want my crate.

Friday, March 9, 2012

First time playing ADOM, game log.

I quickly typed this in note pad while playing ADOM, to keep track of the events my charactor was going through. I don't know if I will continue to type these, I suppose it depends on if there is any interest reading them.

Artemis the orc ranger,
found here self amongst some hill on a road that led from the south west to the north east out of the valley.
 Following the road she entered a small hamlet first scaring some children before
 finding and chatting with the village elder.
 He told her that they were attacked by monsters from a cave in the south east and that the village
 carpenter had gone into the cave and not come out.

 Within the village was a baby water dragon, a rather rude druid and a food shop
 where Artemis bought an apple that quickly rotted.

 She left the hamlet going south east into the forest
 where she stopped and gathered a quick meal.
 Upon finding and enetering the cave she found a door that when kicked opened
 shot a blinding
 light into her face both confusing and blinging her.
 She spent a few seconds ramming herself into a wall before regaining her
 sight and find a
 mob of goblins shoving into the doorway

 She had little trouble turning them, some rats and an orc in to a heap of bodies.
 She found a longsword, a sling and some stones, ate the rats and had gained 2 levels
becoming ambiedextous and increasing her ability to dodge, and fight with weapons.

Wandering down a dark hallway she found a throwing club laying on the ground and
was thinking of ways to be better at attacking from behind.
The hall went west along way and then turned south so aretmis back tracked
to a small room with walls made of solid obsidian where she found a light potion,
and was attacked by bats,
in the next room, one that showed the signs of many battles,
 she found a leather cap that was better then her own.

The cave wrapped back west where she shot down a goblin skeleton and ?ate his frog legs?
Searching the room she found some gold coins and then moved back east, where she
used her crossbow to shot down a goblin and scare away a kobold.
Taking from them some gold coins another sling, an arrow and some rations.

Although seh thought these rooms might link back up to the lon hallway they did not,
although they shared a wall she was forced to walk clear back around.
Well she was doing so another goblin rock thrower attacked her
she killed it quickly and then ate his corpse.

Having got back through the hallway it lead to a small room with a passage(stairs) leading
deeper into the ground, however nothing more seamed to be down there.

Artemsi searched all the walls of the room then decided to leave the cave, she encountered more goblins and rats
and even a homculi on the way out, she gathered up all the stones the goblins
had thrown at her, and the homonuclusi's bones.

Upon arriving at the hamlet she found that the food shop, would only buy food.
And that the elder still wanted her to find the carpenter.
Maybe she had gone to the wrong cave.

For information on the game adom click here to go the official site.

New simcity scheduled for 2013

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