Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Work 1

Common Rabble

Rolling Stats: They all count as 10
Size: Large Speed 30

HD 1d12 + 3

Skills: Choose 1 skill at 4 ranks, 2 skills at 3 ranks, 4 skills at 2 ranks, and treat all skills as though aid another +2 is always being used. +1 skill point per level.

Proficiency: Simple Weapons and Improvised weapons. (such as torches, pitchforks ect.)

* requires at least 2 of any mundane weapon or armor to count as equipped.

1 feat
2 +1 ba
3 +1 f,r,w, feat
4 +1 ba, stat bonus
5 Treat all attacks as +2 from aid another. (can be switched to +2 ac if fighting defensively).

Upon multi classing the best man from the group becomes an adventurer

divide hp by 2, change size to med, aid another bonus of +1 remains (still hears and remembers the voices of his comrades).
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