Friday, March 16, 2012

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

EA games has released the beta latest Command and Conquer game using next generation graphics and gameplay. Well maybe not, that is instead they made a browser based game, you know free to play ecept we want all your money type.

Currently I have been trying out the beta and as far as browser based supposedly free to play games go it's not to bad. Resource production is easy to figure out. it has a simplified way of attacking people and sending in waves of units. And so far I have no been pressured into inviting people.

Other the ambient noise most of the sound effects are decent enough. Worst part so far is that you can only choose GDI and might never be able to change your choice on a specific server and also it looks as though all current players are in protected status.

So for now I must content myself attacking Forgotten Camps, which has been very easy. You can start and invite people into alliances and attacking is based on distance and the amount of command points you have. Basically it costs 10 points + 1-2 per tile away from your base to attack.

Seeing as how there are not many players yet I guess getting in now is a good chance to become either a top player or blogger/forum member about the game.

For example I'm not sure if you must destroy a defense HQ to get the supply crate from it or if Destroying the Construction yard and thus looting the camp will also get you that supply crate. I have asked on the forum and there are no websites discussing strategies for this game. So for now I am making sure to destroy the Defense HQ, hey I want my crate.
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