Friday, October 9, 2015

More Recent video of my Gothic Vampire Game

I didn't realize I had already made these videos public. Please excuse the sound quality though I wasn't using a head set.

You can also look at some of the art assets on this other post

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Game Project: Gothic Vampire

I recently started a new video game project that I hope to actually publish and thus am keeping it fairly simple but this time I am trying to make it alot more artistic.

It's theme is gothic and thus I hoping to keep the game play slow paced enough to feel right but that part could be difficult because it also meant to be simple like an aracde game. Which of course are usually fast paced.

Here are a few of the art assets and soon I hope to share some videos.

A screenshot just is not going to do it justice as it doesn't show any of the action.

As of now movement is working, as is turning into bat form, firing small bats. collision against walls and the coffin, as well as one easter egg.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

An interesting book I am helping spread the word about.

It is a fantasy book about creature that grows up in a cathedral. Classic hunchback / Frankensteinish story but nicely written and Gothic.Called, The Creature of Belmont.  It is short however about 2500 words with some a few nice illustrations.

I like the characters and the protagonist. The generally tone of it all.

Check it out on amazon and read the sample by clicking on the image on the amazon page.

If you happen to buy it don't forget to leave a review. It's brand new so you may be the first. It's only $2.99 on kindle or any app that reads kindle files. That's literately the cheapest they come.

     You can find it here or on the link above.

Monday, February 2, 2015

RQ Solo Adv log 6 (Gerg gets trapped)

This is part 6 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

Each time I play and Gerg goes into the dungeon I completly expect him to die. This adventure, Scorpion Hall, is written so that every time you return, supposedly with a new adventurer, you run into increasingly difficult scorpion hunters.

This time I fought hunter number four and he spotted me first. However he only landed one blow, hitting Gerg's left leg and disabling it.

Gerg however was able to land two blows the first removing the scorpions right rear leg and the second dealing more then twice as much damage as the scorpions right arm could take.

Even with the scorpion having more then twice the chance to hit and casting bladesharp and protect on himself.

So after patching himself up Gerg went back into the castle. Choosing to go past where he killed the Giant Lizard he went into the next room and found some stairs.

But not before being surprise attacked by a Spider Demon who miraculously missed both biting Gerg and shooting him with web.

This time Gerg struck before casting any spells, planning to throw up a wall of light but instead killed the spider on first strike.

Continuing down the stairs he decided to stick the east as much as he could but saw some boxes and a bucket of tallow.

When I decided he would search the room the adventure informed me the door slams and locks behind him and without giving me any choice decides my adventurer digs through some rubble.

I found thus annoying because I would have liked to attempt to bash through the door.

After digging through the rubble Gerg find a scorpion guard waiting for him.

He was big and had two trails and a poleaxe. Being in a narrow hall Gerg was suppose to be at a penalty to hit, though he had a spear.

The scorpion casted disruption and Gerg now only having 10 pow, instead of his previous 16, still managed to resist the magic.

The scorpion man then charged forward with his poleaxe, fumbling and dropping his weapon. Finally Gerg's turn, he stabs with his spear and scores a hit. Directly on the creatures head. Rolling regular damage a bonus from his high strength, Gerg once again kills his enemy in one hit.

This surprises me because his skill is only around 50% and even less to parry.

But besides some damage to his leg and buckler from the first fight Gerg is relatively untouched.

He left the scorpions weapons there and returned to try and dig out a door he saw earlier. This one was jammed and despite his high strength, Gerg was unable to own it.

Planning to keep to the east Gerg choose a diffrent path. Not going further then one or two rooms later he found a stash of 20 gold Wheels and a gem. (Worth 850 Silver Lunars).

Now trapped underground but doing surprisingly well he continued in about the same direction. After going through a door he discovered some stairs going up and upon climbing them he found himself back in the spider room.

At this point I have made no attempt to map the place. After returning to the courtyard I was unsure if the description mentioned the way out. So Gerg picked around a few more rooms one smelled very bad and he also found 25 copper.

Finally he left Scorpion Hall.

After calculating his loot and trying to double check the conversions, it looks to me like he pulled out 12,900 copper pennies worth of loot.

I guess he will be increasing his life style.

Part seven will be posted next week

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Friday, January 30, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 5 (Gerg learns to enchant)

This is part 5 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

After returning to town wounded from fighting another hunter and a giant lizard, Gerg has realized each time he returns the scorpion hunters are better prepared for him.

He previously learned an armor enchantment spell but had no training or experince in ceremony or enchanting rituals.

He asked his shaman friend to prepare to teach him another spell while he hires someone to train him in town.

First returning to his old trainer and increasing his ability to fight with spear and buckler only slightly, then spent some time learning to listen and track.

He also spent about three months studing ceremony and enchanting as well as painting or dyeing so he could makes his own runes on leather armor.

During this time the shaman he befriended found a spirit that would raise his Strength spell. (I am doing all the spells random so I cannot just pick and choose what I feel would be most powerful.)

Finally he was ready to try enchanting. I wasn't sure if failing a cermony check meant you had to proced with no bonus or if you could abort and try the cermony again, since once you try the final enchantment roll a failure means you lose the power you were going to put into the enchantment.

So I tried to comprimise by rolling nearly individualy for each hour or more of ceremoney. This may have been too easy as it gauranteed at least some bonus. But his skills were still a bit low.

He successfully enchanted his buckler with 3 more points of armor and each arm of his leather armor about 5 points of armor each.

He failed once on his right arm as well as on the head and chest of his armor. Each of these was done as a seperate ritual taking over a week. In all costing him 6 Pow.

I may have handled some of the rolls incorrectly but in the end he got about half done what he wanted.

In RQ 3e it says ritual skills never gain exp from use but only through research. Im not sure I agree with that.

After a week of rest and then recalculating his skill levels due to the power change and his new spell, he would set back out for Scorpion Hall.

Up to this point more then half of his 11k copper pennies were still left so I subtracted another thousand assuming they went toward enchanting and training supplies, new clothes, equipment repairs and other expenses. Maybe in the future he will just increase his cost of living to a higher category.

Click here to read the previous log entry

Click here to read part 6

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RQ solo adv log 4 (Gerg and his new spell)

This is part 4 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

Having returned to town from Scorpion Hall, Gerg Droffats spent an entire year in game living in the city and paying for taining.

First hiring somone to teach him to read Imperial. He found the scroll was instructions on how to fight with a scimitar.

He spent some time studying out before settling it and then hired someone to teach him to fight better with his spear and buckler.

Later moving on to learning how to hide and sneak hoping to not get found so easily by the scorpion hunters as before. Then he bought himself armor which he quickly realized he could not sneak around in without even more training.

After some time he resorted to building up his physical strengh from an 8 to a 10.

He also spent some of this time seeking out and befriending a shaman. Over the course of the year he learned three new spells. Vigor, lightwall and ignite.

The last spell appearing to be weak and useless.

After spending more then twice as much time away from Scorpion Hall then he meant to, Gerg finally set out to return.

Sailing his boat back to the same spot as before he attempted to sneak to the castle. He nearly slammed right into a huge scorpion hunter with a pole axe.

The hunter had better reach and hit hard quickly knocking Gerg to ground. Despite his new Vigor spell Gerg found him self being cripled and brought nearly to death in only 2-3 hits.

After having landed only one or two minor blow Gerg tried to back away and did the obly thing he could think of. He had to remove the poleaxe from the equation.

He casted ignite on the pole axe's handle. Rolling to beat the scorpions power Gerg succeded and the scorpion dropped the weapon.

This time the hunter backed away to heal and Gerg crawling foward once again on the ground desperate to kill and not be eaten he lands yet again another critical blow to a scorpion hunters chest.

His buckler was damage and he was hurting but after patching himself up he collected the hunters weapons and took them to his boat and the went back to Scorpion Hall.

This time choosing the entrance to his left (I think) and entering.

Slowly exploring inward he came accross a giant lizard. Gerg casted light wall hoping to blind it and tried to use his scimitar in one hand to parry while thrusting with his spear.

The battle was quick but left Gerg even more injured and now with his scimitar and buckler damaged.

This time with no treasure he was forced to leave. At first with the plan in his boat, but after realizing it would take a month for his body too recover he decided to go back to town.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

How Dwarf Trees are used for Fairy Cities.

This was originaly a comment I left on Jason Bricks discussion about a fantasy version of Dwarf Trees.The basic premise is, what appears to be a small tree above ground is actually a huge underground tree.
I decided I would post one of my responses here as I find it interesting and wanted to save it, since I will likely use it in later campaigns.

You can view the original discussion here. Which contains more fun ideas about The Dwarf's Trees.

When dwarf trees ( or The Dwarf's Trees as some people call them) grow in a circle cultivated by fairies, the underground cone of wood that is formed becomes almost completely impenetrable due to their tough nature and the fairy magic.

One of the few ways into an underground fairy circle, which is alot like a tiny city, is to first destroy the magic of the above ground circle of foliage. Which can itself be very difficult. Its like taking on an ant colony of fairy folk.

The above ground circle may appear to be between 7 to 13 trees only 12 to 15 feet tall sometimes even appearing smaller like sprawling bushes of branches. But underneath is a cone of dwarf tree trunks going hundreds of feet down with the trees interlocking making it wider then a human house or even larger.

 It is unknown exactly how many fairy folk, gnomes or other of their kin can live inside an underground fairy circle. But it has been seen that over populated fairy cities sometimes hollow out old parts of the trunk and 15 foot thick branches to make room for more fairy residences.

Sometimes the mischief caused by such a fairy city stretches hundreds of miles away from the source.

Some fairy mounds, as the traditional fairy citys are called, is actually a circle of dwarf trees who's branches have been buried over and grass and flowers grown right on top disguising the circle as a knoll or foot hill.

This may be further evidence that dwarf trees may be able to survive without sun light.

RQ Solo Adv Log 3 (Gerg gets rich)

This is part 3 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

After a week or two of resting and eating mainly salted fish, Droffats Gerg decides to once again head toward Scorpion Hall.

This time he is away from his boat when the second scorpion hunter finds him.  I don't remember how this battle played out exactly but the hunter was using a large sword and kept missing when he tried to sting with his tail.

Gerg got hit in two or three diffrent areas, largely surviving thanks to his buckler and the hunters inability to parry. Then spent some time badaging himself up.

 In both battles he collected some of the scorpions weapons and either kept them or dropped them off at his boat.

Finally Gerg was able to enter the castle. The inner court yard had several entrances and some rubble. Of course Gerg must investigate the rubble.

This nearly gets him spit on by a hissing snake. He backs off and spots two or three. He readied his spear aiming for one of them then covered his eyes with his buckler and charged.

It took him sometime doing this to find and kill what turned out to be 4 or 5 snakes and some with diffrent venomes. He also found himself immune to one of the venomes that burned his skin while another snake spit acid at his face severly damaging his buckler.

Barely phased by this fight but smelling like a skunk sprayed him he searches the rumble. Finding a large bag of coins, a scroll and a potion.

I dont know for cetain the exchange rate between the editions but trying to look it up and calculate it, I determined he found over 11k copper pennies worth of coins.

Uncertain if Gerg can read Imperial I decided it was about time for him to return to town.

Having never actually stepped a foot in scopion hall Gerg has had a fairly successful adventure.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 2 (Gerg)

This is part 3 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

My next character is a barbarian fishermen named Droffats Gerg. Gerg began play with a boat and about 140 cp worth of salted fish. He also had a bunch of rope and other bulky items.

So I decided maybe he could sail down a stream to get within a couple hours walk of Scorpion Hall.

The first scorpion hunter spoted him still on his boat. Gerg decides to drift closer while he casts Strength to increase his damage.

Laying flat to use the boats sides for cover he drifts closer to the Hunter who lobs a stone up and over the boat side hitting gerg in the chest.

The pain from the wound hurt enough to make to were Gerg could only crawl. Something like 5 out of 5 damage taken. Gerg started with no armor.

He may be disabled but if he doesn't fight the scorpion hunter will eat him. So he grabs his spear and flops out of the boat.

The hunter bares down on him but misses with his battle axe despite having the advatge of a bonus to hit.

Gerg thrusts his spear into the hunters leg with minimal effect but the scorpions blow hitting his left arm is also minimal.

Gerg thrusts again this time upward and gets a critical. Dealing 1d8+1 dmg + 1d4 from strength rolled twice and then maximised, I don't know if the 1d4 counts twice but it was either 23 or 27 dmg. Surprisingly the scorpion is dead and Gerg is not.

Gerg is bleeding though and not trained in first aid but with luck once again on his side he makes the skill check. With the bleeding stopped and his arm feeling better he crawls back into the shallow water and flops into his boat.

After applying first aid to his chests. Probably using rope as a makeshift brace for a bruised or broken rib he decides to stay away from scorpion hall for now and instead trys to conceal his boat and rest rather then traveling back to town

Not being trained in conceal he once again makes a lucky roll succesfully hiding himself from any more wandering hunters.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 1 Nerrip

For when my wife is at work and non one is over I started a solo adventure using RuneQuest 3rd edition. I belive the adventure is 2nd edition. Scorpion Hall.

My first character (Nerrip Evets) was a barbarian farmer. He had access to a heal spell and a chance for divine intervention. 

I decided he was a viking, as I went with an axe and a viking round shield for his primary weapons.

My first runequest encounter ever. A scorpion hunter spots Nerrip in the forest. Nerrip was prepared to throw a javelin but the hunters first sling bullet injures his left arm.

He drops his shield and is now worried about entering melee without it but still moves closer and throws. Misses.

Another sling bullet comes and hits his leg. He draws his axe but decides to heal. The first heal attempt works and moves closer. Planning to heal again then enter melee.

Another sling bullet, he is struck in the abdominal with a lot of damage. My first runequest character dead without even landing a blow.

At this point I decided the stories of lethality of this game are true. Normally I never erase a character or throw away the sheet. But this time I figure its only a solo game and may lose a lot of characters.

So I jot down a quick note about his death then take a big eraser and erase everything. Only then do I remember he could have had a chance for divine intervention.

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