Saturday, January 24, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 1 Nerrip

For when my wife is at work and non one is over I started a solo adventure using RuneQuest 3rd edition. I belive the adventure is 2nd edition. Scorpion Hall.

My first character (Nerrip Evets) was a barbarian farmer. He had access to a heal spell and a chance for divine intervention. 

I decided he was a viking, as I went with an axe and a viking round shield for his primary weapons.

My first runequest encounter ever. A scorpion hunter spots Nerrip in the forest. Nerrip was prepared to throw a javelin but the hunters first sling bullet injures his left arm.

He drops his shield and is now worried about entering melee without it but still moves closer and throws. Misses.

Another sling bullet comes and hits his leg. He draws his axe but decides to heal. The first heal attempt works and moves closer. Planning to heal again then enter melee.

Another sling bullet, he is struck in the abdominal with a lot of damage. My first runequest character dead without even landing a blow.

At this point I decided the stories of lethality of this game are true. Normally I never erase a character or throw away the sheet. But this time I figure its only a solo game and may lose a lot of characters.

So I jot down a quick note about his death then take a big eraser and erase everything. Only then do I remember he could have had a chance for divine intervention.

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