Monday, February 2, 2015

RQ Solo Adv log 6 (Gerg gets trapped)

This is part 6 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

Each time I play and Gerg goes into the dungeon I completly expect him to die. This adventure, Scorpion Hall, is written so that every time you return, supposedly with a new adventurer, you run into increasingly difficult scorpion hunters.

This time I fought hunter number four and he spotted me first. However he only landed one blow, hitting Gerg's left leg and disabling it.

Gerg however was able to land two blows the first removing the scorpions right rear leg and the second dealing more then twice as much damage as the scorpions right arm could take.

Even with the scorpion having more then twice the chance to hit and casting bladesharp and protect on himself.

So after patching himself up Gerg went back into the castle. Choosing to go past where he killed the Giant Lizard he went into the next room and found some stairs.

But not before being surprise attacked by a Spider Demon who miraculously missed both biting Gerg and shooting him with web.

This time Gerg struck before casting any spells, planning to throw up a wall of light but instead killed the spider on first strike.

Continuing down the stairs he decided to stick the east as much as he could but saw some boxes and a bucket of tallow.

When I decided he would search the room the adventure informed me the door slams and locks behind him and without giving me any choice decides my adventurer digs through some rubble.

I found thus annoying because I would have liked to attempt to bash through the door.

After digging through the rubble Gerg find a scorpion guard waiting for him.

He was big and had two trails and a poleaxe. Being in a narrow hall Gerg was suppose to be at a penalty to hit, though he had a spear.

The scorpion casted disruption and Gerg now only having 10 pow, instead of his previous 16, still managed to resist the magic.

The scorpion man then charged forward with his poleaxe, fumbling and dropping his weapon. Finally Gerg's turn, he stabs with his spear and scores a hit. Directly on the creatures head. Rolling regular damage a bonus from his high strength, Gerg once again kills his enemy in one hit.

This surprises me because his skill is only around 50% and even less to parry.

But besides some damage to his leg and buckler from the first fight Gerg is relatively untouched.

He left the scorpions weapons there and returned to try and dig out a door he saw earlier. This one was jammed and despite his high strength, Gerg was unable to own it.

Planning to keep to the east Gerg choose a diffrent path. Not going further then one or two rooms later he found a stash of 20 gold Wheels and a gem. (Worth 850 Silver Lunars).

Now trapped underground but doing surprisingly well he continued in about the same direction. After going through a door he discovered some stairs going up and upon climbing them he found himself back in the spider room.

At this point I have made no attempt to map the place. After returning to the courtyard I was unsure if the description mentioned the way out. So Gerg picked around a few more rooms one smelled very bad and he also found 25 copper.

Finally he left Scorpion Hall.

After calculating his loot and trying to double check the conversions, it looks to me like he pulled out 12,900 copper pennies worth of loot.

I guess he will be increasing his life style.

Part seven will be posted next week

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