Saturday, December 29, 2012

Delver's Puffball

     While in a discussion about available resources while trapped in a dungeon +Brett Slocum came up with an idea for an edible fungus called the Delver's Puffball. Although it was originally his idea I decided to post it here because my version is likely to differ from his and also as I use it in game I am planning on letting the details change as to let the idea grow.

Delver's Puffball 

Species:  Fungus
Growth Conditions: Almost Complete Darkness
Water: See Below
Appearance: Round with white mossy flesh and occasional green hues.
Size: Small fluffy bulbs as small as a marble but can grow larger then a horse. Usually just larger then a fist.
Toxicity: Edible but dangerous. Can be hallucinogenic.

     This fungus grows in very dark places and pulls the water out of the air and whatever surface it grows on. It can be found in surprisingly dry places such as old mine shafts as well as in natural caverns. It will usually grow near but not in a light source or thermal energy. Such as lava, glow worms or not far from a fire beetles nest. Some rumors claim they can be a sign of a nearby ancient energy source.

     When exposed to alot of moisture this fungus will grow brown spores that can be very deadly. It will spread at an alarmingly quick rate until nearly all of the water is absorbed. This does not seam to be it's naturally occurring growth pattern but it is hard to be certain as they are not found around moisture but may have already absorbed whatever moisture there was.

     It is for this reason that they are dangerous to eat. If even a single brown spore is ingested there is a chance of it maturing in the body. Within one night a person can be found dead covered in soft white and brown spores. Within two nights the body is gone leaving behind a dried skeletal structurer.

     However, if handled properly the Delver's Puffball can be quite safe. First check for brown spots thoroughly while wearing gloves and using a light source not much brighter then a lantern. Pick the Puffball carefully and avoid storing it near moisture. It is recommended you fry it in hot grease or butter as this can kill any spores. If sautéed in butter it becomes a firm delicious texture but if deep fried it can become crispy and easily snack able.

     Side Effects of eating this fungus include a greenish tint to your skin usually not noticeable for the first week of eating it. However as it builds up in your system being exposed to light can cause hallucinations. Some cases have become sever enough the subject couldn't stand the light of a torch or candle but most cases it takes bright sunlight to cause an adverse reaction.

     After approximately four days expose to sunlight the green tint to the subjects skin will dissipate and the hallucinogenic effect will have passed. During this time depending on how much has been consumed the effects can become very sever.

     There have been a few reports of Puffball junkies easily identifiable by there unusually green skin and wild behavior. It is recommended you avoid them and contact your local authorities.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventures Dark and Deep successfully funded

There are six days left to back Adventures Dark and Deep on Kickstarter and it has already reached it's goal of $6,500. So if your planning on getting the Players Manual theres no reason not to back it now you get all that extra artwork with your money.

Actually I am mostly excited just to see everything moving forward even more. Can't wait until the final printing. I just hope Joseph doesn't take as long as Justin Alexander is taking with Legends and Labyrinths. Not really Justin's fault but still the two products I want most I am waiting for patiently, and I'm not known for patience, lol.

Anyway just a random post I wanted to throw out and say yay, the artwork is funded. Now everyone come fund it some more, lol.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Only 7 days left for the Adventures Dark and Deep Kickstarter.

In case you haven't heard Adventures Dark and Deep written by Joseph Bloch is based on the premises of what would Advanced Dungeons and Dragons have been like if Gary Gygax had been allowed to continue developing it himself.

Joseph researched all the articles in dragon magazine and all the forums Gary posted on to gain any insight he could into what Gary would have done, such as how he would have streamlined combat and added classes like the Jester and Montebank.

Adventures Dark and Deep has gone through a two year playtest and all of the rules are finished. The kickstarter project is for funding more artwork. There are only 7 days left and it is nearly funded already. So check it out while you can. I will be getting the hard cover with a second soft cover for my players.
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