Sunday, January 25, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 2 (Gerg)

This is part 3 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

My next character is a barbarian fishermen named Droffats Gerg. Gerg began play with a boat and about 140 cp worth of salted fish. He also had a bunch of rope and other bulky items.

So I decided maybe he could sail down a stream to get within a couple hours walk of Scorpion Hall.

The first scorpion hunter spoted him still on his boat. Gerg decides to drift closer while he casts Strength to increase his damage.

Laying flat to use the boats sides for cover he drifts closer to the Hunter who lobs a stone up and over the boat side hitting gerg in the chest.

The pain from the wound hurt enough to make to were Gerg could only crawl. Something like 5 out of 5 damage taken. Gerg started with no armor.

He may be disabled but if he doesn't fight the scorpion hunter will eat him. So he grabs his spear and flops out of the boat.

The hunter bares down on him but misses with his battle axe despite having the advatge of a bonus to hit.

Gerg thrusts his spear into the hunters leg with minimal effect but the scorpions blow hitting his left arm is also minimal.

Gerg thrusts again this time upward and gets a critical. Dealing 1d8+1 dmg + 1d4 from strength rolled twice and then maximised, I don't know if the 1d4 counts twice but it was either 23 or 27 dmg. Surprisingly the scorpion is dead and Gerg is not.

Gerg is bleeding though and not trained in first aid but with luck once again on his side he makes the skill check. With the bleeding stopped and his arm feeling better he crawls back into the shallow water and flops into his boat.

After applying first aid to his chests. Probably using rope as a makeshift brace for a bruised or broken rib he decides to stay away from scorpion hall for now and instead trys to conceal his boat and rest rather then traveling back to town

Not being trained in conceal he once again makes a lucky roll succesfully hiding himself from any more wandering hunters.

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