Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RQ solo adv log 4 (Gerg and his new spell)

This is part 4 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

Having returned to town from Scorpion Hall, Gerg Droffats spent an entire year in game living in the city and paying for taining.

First hiring somone to teach him to read Imperial. He found the scroll was instructions on how to fight with a scimitar.

He spent some time studying out before settling it and then hired someone to teach him to fight better with his spear and buckler.

Later moving on to learning how to hide and sneak hoping to not get found so easily by the scorpion hunters as before. Then he bought himself armor which he quickly realized he could not sneak around in without even more training.

After some time he resorted to building up his physical strengh from an 8 to a 10.

He also spent some of this time seeking out and befriending a shaman. Over the course of the year he learned three new spells. Vigor, lightwall and ignite.

The last spell appearing to be weak and useless.

After spending more then twice as much time away from Scorpion Hall then he meant to, Gerg finally set out to return.

Sailing his boat back to the same spot as before he attempted to sneak to the castle. He nearly slammed right into a huge scorpion hunter with a pole axe.

The hunter had better reach and hit hard quickly knocking Gerg to ground. Despite his new Vigor spell Gerg found him self being cripled and brought nearly to death in only 2-3 hits.

After having landed only one or two minor blow Gerg tried to back away and did the obly thing he could think of. He had to remove the poleaxe from the equation.

He casted ignite on the pole axe's handle. Rolling to beat the scorpions power Gerg succeded and the scorpion dropped the weapon.

This time the hunter backed away to heal and Gerg crawling foward once again on the ground desperate to kill and not be eaten he lands yet again another critical blow to a scorpion hunters chest.

His buckler was damage and he was hurting but after patching himself up he collected the hunters weapons and took them to his boat and the went back to Scorpion Hall.

This time choosing the entrance to his left (I think) and entering.

Slowly exploring inward he came accross a giant lizard. Gerg casted light wall hoping to blind it and tried to use his scimitar in one hand to parry while thrusting with his spear.

The battle was quick but left Gerg even more injured and now with his scimitar and buckler damaged.

This time with no treasure he was forced to leave. At first with the plan in his boat, but after realizing it would take a month for his body too recover he decided to go back to town.

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