Monday, January 26, 2015

RQ Solo Adv Log 3 (Gerg gets rich)

This is part 3 of my solo RuneQuest adventure log. Part 1 can be found here.

After a week or two of resting and eating mainly salted fish, Droffats Gerg decides to once again head toward Scorpion Hall.

This time he is away from his boat when the second scorpion hunter finds him.  I don't remember how this battle played out exactly but the hunter was using a large sword and kept missing when he tried to sting with his tail.

Gerg got hit in two or three diffrent areas, largely surviving thanks to his buckler and the hunters inability to parry. Then spent some time badaging himself up.

 In both battles he collected some of the scorpions weapons and either kept them or dropped them off at his boat.

Finally Gerg was able to enter the castle. The inner court yard had several entrances and some rubble. Of course Gerg must investigate the rubble.

This nearly gets him spit on by a hissing snake. He backs off and spots two or three. He readied his spear aiming for one of them then covered his eyes with his buckler and charged.

It took him sometime doing this to find and kill what turned out to be 4 or 5 snakes and some with diffrent venomes. He also found himself immune to one of the venomes that burned his skin while another snake spit acid at his face severly damaging his buckler.

Barely phased by this fight but smelling like a skunk sprayed him he searches the rumble. Finding a large bag of coins, a scroll and a potion.

I dont know for cetain the exchange rate between the editions but trying to look it up and calculate it, I determined he found over 11k copper pennies worth of coins.

Uncertain if Gerg can read Imperial I decided it was about time for him to return to town.

Having never actually stepped a foot in scopion hall Gerg has had a fairly successful adventure.

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