Monday, March 3, 2014

Rambling about Knowledge.

This was originally written on facebook and was not meant as a blog post but I thought it was a thought worth saving.

I never thought of this before but...
If some one is very well versed in Literature and Especially the history of literature then that person would be considered very sophisticated or cultured.

A similar thing might be said about people into movies especially as they go into historically significant movies or maybe study foreign or indie films.

Yet I would guess that my vast knowledge of video games and roleplaying games including the history and development or even influences of practicably every gaming medium out there (I even have a few specialized areas of interest.) would be more likely to be seen as childish or a waste of time.

For example if I were to begin quoting Gary Gygax or stating the exact date D&D was published. Information that is publicly available I have actually been told that it is evidence that I am "Socially Awkward." yes this is a quote they are her words not mine.

Would we tell someone quoting Shakespeare or Walt Whitman or maybe someone who knew loads of information about John Wayne or Walt Disney, that they are socially awkward.

What I am saying is cant gamers or grognards be considered sophisticated if they actually have a deep and meaningful understanding of their hobby and it's roots. I am often jealous of people who can quote of books and authors, but maybe I shouldn't be.

What if someone like Patrick Stewart had quoted resources from roleplaying while on TV. If someone could quote Steve Jobs or Nolan Bushnell does that not show a similar intelligence as quoting Mark Twain.

I don't know anything about most celebrities but I bet I could give fairly in depth information about people that most of my friends list wouldn't recognize their names.

People like; Ed Greenwood, Hideo Kojima, Monte Cook, Charles Darrow these are people I would enjoy discussing because their names mean something to me. Unfortunately they mean nothing to most of the people I know where as I have no idea who that Kim Cardassian girl is.

But more to the point I know very little about things like moby dick or Schindler's List but I'm sure If I did I would be seen as mature and intellectual, instead of as a nerd or fanboy.

((This isn't necessarily a problem in my life but it does seam to be an oddity in my opinion.))
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