Saturday, August 24, 2013

Themed Dungeon Dressing

Wood Door
Timber Supports
Archway or just a wood door
Polished Maple Door
Planked Door
Wooden Portcullis
-- Locked
Door and Keyhole
Alarm Spell
Lever on other side
-- Stuck
Cave In
Hold Portal Effect
Rusty Hinges
Rusty Gears
-- Trapped
Tripe Wire drops rocks
Spikes or Darts
Tile drops Portcullis on you
Iron Door
Vault Door
Reinforced Oak Door
Sliding Hatch
Jail Door
-- Locked
Combination Lock
Cave In
Wizard Lock
Mechanical Lever
Key Hole
-- Stuck
Rusted Turn Crank
Jammed in place or
Transmuted Stone
Open/Close effect
Re-shuts door
Rusted Gears
Rusted in Place
Could be bars or hinges
-- Trapped
Gas Trap
Spell such as Magic Missile
Or Fireball
Animated Dead

Chute to another cell
Small Chamber
Alcove, Break room or storage area.
Partial Cavern
Sitting Room, Bedroom or closet
Partially collapsed room
Cell or break room
Medium Chamber
Ore deposit, Loading zone or barracks
Cavern or serious of Caverns
Library, arena, Master Bedroom, Dining Hall,  Treasure room,  or workshop such as Apothecaries or Artificers
Storage room or old room with decayed furniture maybe bugs rodents or bones
Torture Room, Barracks, cafeteria or waste/body disposal
Large Chamber
Cavern or Rail Station, With Support beams
Serious of caverns and drops offs or underground stream or lake possibly a lair for creatures or a large monster
Cafeteria, Menagerie,  Statue room, garden, Music Hall,
Series of rooms with collapsed walls, ancient temple or throne room,  crypt or burial chamber such as for mummification or ceremonies
Execution chamber or common room for many prisoners to be locked to benched or walls
Passage Way
Tunnels with or without rails usually with support possible natural caverns
Tunnels usually natural and varying heights and depths
Hallway, possibly with pillars or statues. Sometimes chairs and small tables.
Sometimes hallways other times just holes in the wall or crumbled rooms.
Cramped or dark halls torch scones maybe skulls
Timber Supports
An odd shaped passage or crawl way
Carved Archway of stone or fine maple usually with many patterns possibly faces
Collapsed door or wall, possible a ventilation shaft
Door frame or bars on both sides
Dug steps or a rope ladder
Sudden cliffs or drop offs
Spiral stairs or an elevator system
Damage floors or ceilings, old stairs sometimes a sudden collapse or a pile or rumble to climb up or down
Stone stairs, possibly chutes or pits
Secret Door
Concealed or caved in
Strange twists and turns make a passage almost unnoticeable
Illusion or finely crafted secret door such as a sliding wall or rotating bookshelf
Collapsed wall covers a door or passage, or an old sliding door.
Usually concealed construction or masonry such as an emergency escape route or hidden armory.

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