Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Haven and Hearth

I was looking for a game that had things such as Crafting and Building but with skills or levels as well. One I found is called Haven and Hearth. It's still in alpha (and free) but is decently playable with its biggest flaw being a sever lack in audio.

It also has a steep learning curve that pretty much requires the use of its wiki and yet is still confusing at times. It has a wide variety of skills. abilities and attributes which is pretty cool but picking the wrong skills in the beginning can be annoying.

Once you get the hang of though its a fun mix of crafting and building using both in game and real time measurements for various things. The way you gain learning points by discovering new items or studying curiosity is interesting but can be slow if you don't know what your doing. Also you increase your stats based on what kind of foods you eat.

One interesting aspect is death is permanent wether its starving to death or being ran over by a boar. If you like games like halo or anything on the xbox really, you might get bored way to quickly to ever figure this one out. But if your into games like runecraft and nethack and also like Terraria you might love this game.

I'm not completly sure if its being developed much anymore though. One thing I love about the game though is there is one massive server on which everyone plays, yet its also decently quiet, so you can find your self running into camps or even villages built by other players.

Maybe they come back and see you stole from them or maybe they died long ago. When you die and make a new character all that stuff you made is still out there somewhere. I honestly think if I got a few friend together  this game would be could be funner then minecraft (which I'm sadly bored of anyway).
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