Monday, December 26, 2011

My best Christmas Gift this year.

This was originally a comment to a question asked by Ayoub, but I decided I want to save it so I'm posting it here.

I took my five year old son and his sister to the mall earlier this month so they could play in the malls playland. We happened to notice the mall had a man dressed as Santa Claus.

So I took my son over to see him (while his sister stayed with their mom and we switched later) He was excited to see Santa and kept ending every sentence with Santa

Hi Santa, Yes Santa, Of course Santa.

When asked what he wanted for Christmas he said, "A Christmas Book Santa" Turns out They had free coloring books, so Santa Reaches behind his back and what do you know he Has A Christmas Book.

After Thanking him My son gets up looks at him With this Huge Grin and Says "I Love You Santa!"

It was the sweetest thing I ever saw. Despite my original intention of never teaching my kids to believe in him.
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