Sunday, December 25, 2011

Removed from the RPGBA

I thought long and hard about this and I finally decided it is best I remove my blog from The RPGBA. I did this for two reasons, 1. I'm not currently blogging about RPG's  2. I'd like to continue blogging about whatever I want without making a separate blog site quite yet.

If anyone is reading this I can only assume you liked my rpg blogs and don't worry when I do play or decided to blog about an rpg I will. But now I will feel more free to blog about movies, video games and maybe even opinions once in awhile.

I want to thank Mystic Scholar for being very active on reading and commenting which has helped to keep me motivated. I also want to thank Ayoub and Nina both of whom helped teach me to value writing in a better way. Justin Alexander from The Alexandrian was my first look into reading rpg blogs and got me hooked so therfore was a main reason I began this blog in particular.

And Finally Thomas Avasol who's personal approach on spiritling taught me that staying active on a project is the only way I will ever get anything done.

So starting soon hopefully I plan to write about whatever inspires me, first off might be more about Terraria and then maybe about the Die Hard series. I doubt I will ever make money off this blog but I very much believe I will be posting for many years to come.

Also I might start a forum or website to help me manage my Terraria and or Minecraft servers better.
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