Sunday, December 4, 2011

Current Status.

Still playing Terraria, haven't touched minecraft since Terraria's 1.1 patch.

Looking for more people to add on steam who'd like to play on a small private Terraria Server I host.

Tomorrow is Laisa's Birthday so Far I got her an Xperia PLay, 5 sets of earrings and a new piercing and some Clothes. Thinking of baking a cake from scratch.

Still no dnd recently, I think I might try some hack and slash with my wife or maybe invite mike over for some ADD.

Tried to get back into writing then didn't write a single word (totaly missed NaNoWriMo or whatever it's called.)

I think forum based gaming would work best for me now.

Thinking of starting a new blog about how corporations suck and my attempts at breaking away from them.

Honestly I'm starting to think If I don't write more gaming content I shouldn't be in the RPGBA.

Imagine if Terraria had DMing tools like neverwinter nights DM mode that'd be awesome.
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