Friday, April 27, 2012

Directions for this blog.

Throughout this year the direction of this blog has changed numerous time from trying to put out my own content, to covering things closely such as Adventures Dark and Deep. Doing reviews of other products to even spending some months not being an rpg blog at all.

From here my intentions is that this be now and forever an rpg blog, maybe occasionally some other content like my Conan movie review or something else might get mixed in, but mainly an rpg blog.

I have a few thoughts about how to handle my posts. First I could do as before and simply post whenever I feel like it. Second I could save some posts to post on days I don't want to write. Third I could have specific days that specific content is posted.

I think i would like to go with at least one or two days that have specific content, that way readers can get use to looking forward (or avoiding) that day. Other then that I'll likely just post when I feel like it.

As for what content I want to post at the moment I'm not sure. Mostly I have been looking at playing a combination of d&d systems or playing Palladium, It's likely that I'll start playing 3.5 again very soon but frankly, I am still waiting for my damn legends and labyrinths book as I would rather play that then straight 3.5. 

One day I intend to get more involved with one specific rpg, kinda like I was with ADD but more closly maybe even release some products. In a way though I am waiting to see what d&d 5e (or d&d next) is going to be like.

UPDATE: Novemeber 24 2012

It's been awhile since I made this post or did any blogging, been busy with college and kids and general real life stuff. I should have been blogging about my play testing of D&D next more thoroughly maybe with campaign logs or something but I just didn't want to add one more thing to my table.

Anyway, I'll likely be blogging about Adventures Dark and Deep and maybe my own rules and first edition D&D for a little while.

I could have made a new post instead of attaching to an old one but I really don't like blogs that just talk about blogging or people saying I'll be back over and over. Expect another Article out today about D&D next.

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