Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glad to be an A:!

A: I don't like government and don't want it.

B: What? You don't like roads, or fire departments or police. Who are you going to call if a guy breaks into your house.

A: Which one of those were made by the government?

B: They are all made by tax payers money

A: So the citizens built them then. At most all your saying is we need a treasurer, what do we need congress for.

B: Well what if a foreign country invades, and who are going to call about the robber.

A: You mean what if a foreign Government invades, I just said I wish we didn't have governments, and if someone is robbing me I'm going to kick his ass if I can. If he robbed me when I wasn't home then the police won't find him anyway, just fill out paper work.

B: Well what if your shot, then who are you going to call.

A: The ambulance which charges you an arm and a leg and is not payed for by taxes.

B: Well who is going to make sure we don't all starve.

A: Community ran efforts like the food bank, and besides the government sucks at running a budget and feeding people.

B: Well who is going to deal with criminals?

A: How about a jury of his peers?

B: That's mob rule

A: Your right and thats a form of democracy. Well criminals would be dealt with differently in each community.

B: See so we need government.

A: no that's more like we need team work within the local area, we still don't need anyone in Washington DC.

B: Who would maintain the roads?

A: Construction workers.

B: Their not going to do it for free.

A: if the local community wants roads then they will find a way to have roads. Without any need for congress men, presidents, or supreme courts.

B: It would be anarchy!

A: It would be freedom!

B: The criminals would take over everything.

A: maybe in some areas in other areas the fathers and brothers of the town would stop them as would the local religious congregations.

B: Then the church would become government.

A: If that happened I wouldn't want that government either, but each of us should have freedom from being ruled by state, church or corporation.

B: Your dumb and your lucky to live in the land of the free so you should be arrested for talking like that.

A: *smacks forehead.
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