Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adventures Dark and Deep and Lightfoot Halflings

Last night we were trying to convert a character from one edition of D&D to Adventures Dark and Deep. We ran into a few issues and worked out the kinks so I thought I would share what we have done.

3e Lightfoot Halfling
The character was a lightfoot halfling, the type you might expect by default in 3.x or one of the subraces from D&D Next. She was basically an assassin/jeweler at about 4th level. Technically just a 4th level rogue with an artisan background.

The first thing we ran into is we were not sufficiently satisfied with the Hairfoot, Stout or Tallfellow halflings as none of them seamed to us to be like a Lightfoot. There Hairfoot was closest but small things like a higher max constitution then dexterity reminded us of Hobbits more then Lightfoots.

So we made some changes and this is what we made. Remember that this includes our best understanding of ADD or 1E and then our own changes if I hear from Joseph Block about any changes I should make, I’ll likely make them.

Lightfoot Halfling:


Str 3-16 after a -1 penalty to strength
Dex 9-20* after a +1 bonus to dexterity
Con 3-17
Int 6-17
Wis 3 -18
Cha 6 -18

* The max of 20 I believe goes against the standard rules in ADD

Save vs wands, staves, rods, poison and spells is increases by the following:
con 4-6 +1, 7-10 +2, 11-13 +3, 14-17 +4, 18 and higher +5

Natural Stealth similar to elves, enemies get -2 (or -1 if opening doors is required) to surprise rolls as long as the Halfling is not wearing loud armor such as chainmail and is at least 90’ away from anyone who does not have natural stealth.

Languages: common and one other. Lightfoots do not have their own language. Halflings age only .75 as quick as humans. So in 20 years a Halfling is as developed as a 15 year old.

Level Caps:
Score               bard    cleric   fighter            mountebank  Druid
14                   5          4          4          6                      x
15                   6          4          4          6                      6
16                   7          4          4          7                      6
17                   8          5          -           8                      7
18                   9          6          -           9                      8

Unlimited Levels as Thief, Acrobat or Assassin
Can also be a mystic (cleric) or Jester (use mountebank max levels)
Jester/thief, cleric/fighter, cleric/thief, fighter/thief,

Height between 30 and 42 inches  (2’ 6” and 3’ 8”)
Weight between 52 and 72 pounds


At first we tried to make the character an Assassin, this didn’t work well as it had a higher xp requirement potentially dropping her to level 2 if we followed that route but also the rogue skills didn’t start until level 4. We decided she was more like a rouge then.

After that the conversion went well with only one other hiccup. Being a jeweler would cost 3000 xp effectively placing her below level 1 if she spent that. This was an important point of her back-story. We could just use the 1e secondary skill rules, which provided little info.

But here is my thought on it:

Optional Rule: At first level a player may pick one secondary skill from the Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual and will have a penalty of -10% experience until the effective cost of that skill is paid off.

At this point I have not offered the optional rule to the player yet. So I don’t have feed back from her.

On a side note the Kickstarter for the Adventure Dark andDeep Players Manuel is currently running. Please Support Joseph and reward us with lots of extra artwork and continuing development of this awesome game.
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