Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gender by Cherisse Scott

Equalize Equality:

"Both males and females as groups are comprised of individuals with unique personalities, skills and talents 
and each person deserves to be recognized and praised for those talents and abilities regardless of gender. 

Yes, generally speaking men -tend- to be better at certain things and women -tend- to be better at others, but there are many exceptions to the rule and we deserve to be treated not as a man or a woman but as an individual.

Familial roles should be determined by both partners, *and only the partners,* and they should have equal
voices and the right to choose for themselves.

Female focused religions, I've come to find, are just as biased (if in the opposite direction) as male focused religions, and it's important to realize that the -person- standing beside you is your equal regardless of their genetic bits. This is the same for matriarchal or patriarchal societies. You should never be afraid of giving your partner or otherly gendered persons the same rights and powers you have... you are strong enough to see that giving them the power they deserve by right of birth does nothing to inhibit your own personal power.

Nextly, nothing about blood makes anyone "unclean" at any point in the natural phases of our lives or every single one of us, filled with this liquid essence, would forever be unclean.

Gender-based scholarships are bogus. Entrance into schools should be based purely on academic 
achievement and integrity, and gender-based scholarships are sexist regardless of the gender they support.
Fathers love their children as much as mothers and should be granted the same rights IN ALL CASES (if either parent is unfit regardless of gender, of course that should alter custody arrangements.)

Females who commit pedophilia, rape, murder or abuse are just as guilty as males who commit the same and should be subjected to the same legal and social consequences. Men can be victimized by women as easily as women can be by men and it's time to drop the sheet so -NO ONE- is made to be afraid of being ostracized for telling the truth about their abusers.

Finally, an insult, any insult, is just as bad for one gender as it is for the other. Calling a male a female based insult or a female a male based insult is neither better nor worse than calling a male a male based insult or a female a female based insult. Period.

People (not women or men) go through a million different experiences in our life times and have a million different view points. We all have something to learn from each other regardless of what gender we are or aren't."

~Credit for this post goes to Cherisse Scott
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