Friday, March 8, 2013

The Big Debate

Two people, Will and Stan sit in a plain room around a simple table.
On the Table is a small plastic disposable cup flipped upside down.

Stan: So, we are here to debate the existence of a ball inside that cup.
Will: That's right, I saw the cup lifted earlier and there was a ball inside.
Stan: I didn't see that happen. Do you have proof?
Will: Well yes I saw the ball earlier and I believe it is still in there.
Stan: I'm sorry Will, belief is not proof.
Will: Well you cannot prove there is not a ball in there.
Stan: It's not my job to prove there is not. I will only believe you with proof besides I also cannot prove there is not a toy car under the cup, lack of proof doesn't make it there.

Another man walks into the room and gives Will a small photograph and some slips of paper.

Will: Ah, well look here a picture of the cup tilted with a ball underneath.
Stan: Did you take the picture?
Will: No.
Stan: Were you there when it was taken?
Will: No.
Stan: So there is nothing to say this picture was not taken a long time ago and then the ball removed. Also it could have been faked or taken somewhere else. We can't even be sure it who took the picture.

Will: Well the date on the back says it was this morning and it is signed by John and notarized by Eli.
Stan: OK where are those two now?
Will: I don't know
Stan: How can we be sure they are being honest or are actually the ones who took the picture?
Will: Hmmm, well this note right here says John's mom excused him from school today to go take the picture, it is dated yesterday.
Stan: Can she come tell me that herself?
Will: No.
Stan: So the only proof the picture is real is that it says it's real and a letter written by who knows who and who knows when. This is almost convincing but still not proof that there is a ball under the cup right now and it has not been tampered with.

Will looks at the papers and present's written descriptions of the ball.

Stan: These could be equally as valid as your description, except that we don't know who wrote them and also look here.... This one says the ball is green and this one blue and this one red.

Will: Well the ball is red.
Stan: Why should I relive you the ball is red and not believe Jared that the ball is green? I still don't know for sure that there is a ball.

Will: Fine I will get you witness'

Will leaves the room and comes back with three other people.

Will: This is Rose, Eugene and Edna each of them have also saw the ball
Stan: OK, do you have any proof.

Rose: Yeah, I was with Jared at the sandwich shop and we were begging for something to play with and he lifted a cup and there was a green-ball.
Eugene: I work in a warehouse and I see lots of blue balls.
Edna: I have seen a little pink ball under this cup since I was little!

Stan:... ok now your story makes even less sense. Each of have described a different story and each ball sounds different but none of this proves there is a ball under this cup right here.
Will: But I have a picture and written records and witness.
Stan: But none of it can be verified right now and we keep getting different stories and about different colors.
Will: I don't care what color the ball is. It's red to me it's pink to Edna but we have each seen the ball and so have others like John.

Stan: I'm sorry science works on tests and logic none of this proves that there is a ball. Come on will why don't you follow logic and admit there is no ball.

Will: Because I have seen it earlier and I have faith it was not messed with.
Stan: Ah, OK blind faith over proof. Why don't we just lift the cup and see if it is there.

Will reaches over the table and lifts the cup as the three witness gather around in excitement. Unfortunately they block Stan's view who doesn't really bother to look up.

A buzzer goes off and Stan stands up and walks out. Shortly after Stan leaves Jared follows behind mumbling.

Jared: I only believe in blue balls.

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