Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Assassin (Custom Class)

I am putting together a custom players handbook for basically a 3rd edition D&D game and this is the first class that I created for it. 

Unlike similar classes, this assassin is not pigeon holed into using poison or a specific weapon or even being forced to hide in shadows or watch their victim. Instead, almost every ability is set up to allow him to simply strike. In or out of combat noticed or not noticed, sneaking or not sneaking the Assassin will score a critical hit after critical hit killing you for good. 


Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d8
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier

Average Base Attack
One Good Saving Throw (Two if Attribute based.)
Two Weapon Groups
Light Armor and Shields

1 Weapon Finesse, Vital Strike +1
2 Alertness
3 Vital Strike +2
4 Skill Focus Bluff +3
5 Vital Strike +3
6 Evasion
7 Vital Strike +4
8 Stealth Kill
9 Vital Strike +5
10 Quite Kill
11 Vital Strike +6, Extra Critical Damage Die
12 Improved Alertness
13 Vital Strike +7
14 Improved Evasion
15 Vital Strike +8
16 Amblyopia
17 Vital Strike +9
18 Coup de Grace
19 Vital Strike +10
20 Angle of Death

Vital Strike: Increase critical hit range by 1 per bonus and deal one extra damage per damage die during a critical hit. This is during any finesse weapon based attack. (If using multipliers for critical hits then multiply this as well.)

Do not add the bonus from Vital Strike onto dice added from sneak attacks or death attacks.

Alertness: Gain+2 on perception checks such as listen and spot even while sleeping.

Evasion: Anytime you succeed a Dex based saving throw and take half damage or miss damage, instead take zero damage. Only if not helpless and wearing armor you are proficient in. If you already have Evasion you automatically gain Improved Evasion instead.

Improved Alertness: Retain your Dex bonus to AC even if caught flat-footed. You still lose your bonus to AC if immobilized or helpless.

Improved Evasion: You only take half damage on a failed Dex based Saving Throw.

Stealth Kill: While not being directly observed you can make a Sleight of Hand or Stealth check (whichever is more appropriate) opposed by Perception checks from those in line-of-sight to prevent them from identifying him as the attacker.

Quite Kill: Upon killing a target in melee with a finesse weapon or with a quiet ranged weapon that uses dexterity to hit at one-half range, the kill is silent and may go unnoticed if not being directly observed. This includes making discrete wounds so those nearby might not even notice that the target is dead for a few moments.

Amblyopia: (EX) Rolling Bluff vs Perception allows you to simply appear like you belong where ever you are at even in an enemy stronghold or hidden in a crowd without the need for a disguise. Essentially allowing you to hide in plain sight.

Coup de Grace: If in one hit you bring an unsuspecting target to wounded or bloodied status (one-half hp) he is instead killed.

Angel of Death: (SU) Cha vs Will; Targets you kill at your choice cannot be resurrected.

As you can tell his style is to strike unexpectedly but will you train him to be a spy who disguises himself and gathers information to get in or a rogue who uses sneaking and hiding to come out of the shadows and attack? Or perhaps a bandit with a bow or crossbow who sits in a tree aiming for your vital organs?

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