Thursday, July 7, 2016

Knight (Custom Class)

The second class for my Custom Players Handbook is the Knight.

A few complaint's I have seen about fighters and knights is a lack of versatility and the overall weakness at higher levels. Keeping that in mind I designed this class quite differently than standard.

This is not a specialized weapon expert nor is this a mounted knight (even though a mounted knight is more historically accurate.)

Instead of getting powerful spells like a wizard or lots of choice like a fighter, this knight gets lots of  preselected feats and abilities. Faced with fighting many different situations the traveling man at arms has developed these many different talents and only slightly specializes with a sword and shield.

Boosted by a higher Hit Die more Skills and later Spell Resistance I hope that he will come across as a powerful warrior who doesn't need tons of planning before play and stays tough at higher levels. Of course, it hasn't been playtested at all at this point so I look forward to feedback.  


Alignment: Lawful (Good, Neutral or Evil)
Hit Die: d12
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier
Minimum Str & Int: 13

Good Base Attack
Two Saving Throws (Three if Attribute based.)
Weapon Groups Heavy Blades, Spears & Lances
Light, Medium & Heavy Armor & Shields

1Fitted Armor,
2Shield Expert, Improved Initiative +4
3Sword Play, Endurance
4Power Attack, Cleave
5Mobility, Spring Attack
6Improved Bull Rush, Improved Over Run
7Leadership, Call to Arms
8Hold the Line, Throw Anything
9Blind-Fight, Run
10Spell Resistance 1 per every 2 levels
11Improved Fitted Armor
12Improved Shield Bash
13Weapon Play, Die Hard
14Great Cleave, Exertion
15Combat Expertise, Whirlwind Attack
16Move Aside
17Indomitable Will +4 vs Enchantments
18Dangerous Reach
19Improved Initiative +8
20Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Iron will, Leadership x2

Fitted Armor: With any armor that is the right size for its wearer, you can spend time adjusting and fitting the armor properly resulting in ½ check penalty, or guiding a squire to do. This takes 1 minute for light armor 2 minutes for medium armor and 4 minutes for heavy armor. At 6th level the check penalty is completely eliminated.

Shield Expert: x2 AC bonus from your shield

Sword Play: When Fighting with a sword you are proficient in you automatically count as having the feats; Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Improved Sunder and Quick Draw and Combat Reflexes. This applies to any weapon you are proficient in at level 13.

Call to Arms: As a standard action you can shout and rally all allies within 10ft per level. Granting them an additional save against fear effects with a +4 bonus vs fear for 1 round per level.

Hold The Line: Make an attack of opportunity against a charging foe.

Throw Anything: Any Melee weapon can be thrown with a range increment of 10ft at no penalty.

Exertion: Lose up to 1 hp per base attack and deal +1 damage per hp lost this way. Stacks with power attack.

Move Aside: Walk right through enemy squares with no skill check spending one attack of opportunity to negate two attacks of opportunity from opponents.

Dangerous Reach: Make an attack of opportunity against anyone who engages you in melee without flanking you. Stacks with Hold the Line and reach weapons.

Patronage: As a soldier in the military, a sellsword, or servant to a noble, most knights will receive large gifts of money or land. Each time you gain a feat at levels; 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9, you may choose to forgo the feat or extra training and instead spend time earning your patronage and receive 2000gp x your level and 3000gp x your level at levels 11, 13, 15, & 18. (This should be above normal wealth by level progression.)

The DM may allow you to spend feats gained in other ways on patronage if he feels it's fair.

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