Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Minecraft and NHL Tickets.

So Minecraft is now officialy released and for the first time publicly I am going to state my opinions on its bugs, THEY ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SUCK! First of the game still crashes repeatedly and now might not let you back in for several mins. Animals still randomly flicker in different positions when attempting jumps they shouldn't be making but do, including jumping out of fences and chickens jumping out of 3-4 block deep pits.

Blocks still often appear able to be grabbed but are not or are inside another block but you can't tell. Also, maybe not so much a bug but a performance issue, you may sometimes get lag right as enemies rush you giving you little to no chance to escape.

I'm also irritated that if you try to shove an animal they simply push against you and eventually through or past and yet any creature can easily push you right off a cliff or into lava.

To sum it all up, your doing just fine and have a nice set of armor and equipment when suddenly a creeper rushes you and the game freeze's then it releases and bam your injured. You try to make it back to the house before night but the game crashes. Once your back in the server its night time already so you die on your way back.

Another crash and now all your stuff is gone, also all your farm animals jumped the fences and trampled your crops and half the currently loaded chunck is now completly see through, except far away lava.

Also boats and maps are still broken in alot of ways.

In other News:

I have been asked to check out Seams like a pretty legit site,  They have concert tickets, theater tickets, sports tickets all sorts of stuff, I was also asked to mention specficly: has tickets for the pittsburgh penguins tickets consol energy center and all other NHL tickets.
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