Friday, November 25, 2011

Terraria 1.1 Trailer

I greatly enjoyed Terraria 1.03 but each patch that came after actually lowered my enjoyment of the game more then adding to it. However the coming 1.1 patch, I believe on Dec 15th, sounds quite amazing to me.

It looks like it doubles the amount of game content and will finally make use of all the recent balance changes. Seeing as how frustrated I am with Minecraft, me and Laisa are likely to be playing alot of Terraria until Diablo 3 finally comes out.

Here is the trailer for 1.1 (Warning: spoils some boses)

As for table top gaming, I'm not sure whats going to be happening there. It's likely any future games will be a hack and slash mix of D&D and Sibra1 elements. I'm also thinking of finding one or two co-writers and allowing them to post articles on my blog. Mostly just because I like sharing and collaborating and it could bring more variety to the posts.
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