Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thie year is code year for  codecademy.com which means that you can sign up to get free weekly lessons emailed to you. They claim to be able to teach you to make websites, games, and apps. They also have places where you can practice in javascript, ruby and one other online.

I have taken the first lesson and am about to take an extra one and here is what I like about it so far. The lesson have you typing in a box right on the same page as the text your reading, so far. Which means I'm not switching between windows.

Also the lessons are organized by exercises and by completing them you gain score, and earn achievements. Each lesson tries to get you to do work for yourself but also comes with a hint button and some of the code filled out where needed.

It all felt very stream lined and simple, and at least for now I really looking foward to my futures lessons, which is such a difference compared to almost any other programming lesson, which to me seam to normaly come in walls of text that are not very clear.

The weekly course does not look like it will be strictly for one programming language, however it does look like javascript will be focused on alot. (Everything seams to be getting web based these days.)


I have now completed the noraml easy lessons as well as their currently availble extra lessons except for 2 questions in JavaScript Quickstart guide, its lesson 8, Q: 7 and 8 so if anyone can help me with those two questions, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Also if your new to codecademy don't worry about me being stuck their its a more advanced lesson and not one that you ever even need to do.
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