Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rental Scam!

Recently I have been looking for a new place to move too. Somewhere better then where I am use to living. So my wife found a place listed on multiple websites, that looked perfect. We contacted the poster online and was emailed the next day.

When I started writing this post I was thinking of going into detail about everything that happened but instead I am going to skip straight to the point. The guy claimed to be in london and he emailed me the application. Then when I sent it back (signed), he asked me to Western Union him the deposit and then to scan the recipet and show it too him.

This is a huge flag that it was a scam, with that recipt he could pick up the money anywhere in the world. Once I relized it was a scam and I re-read all our emails, I saw so many sigsn that I had almost missed before.

  • Strange english with odd typo's.
  • To much info given in usual ways.
  • Trying to assure me he is not looking for money and that I will get the keys.
  • Being willing to work with me on whatever I need.
  • Not actually showing me the house.

Just so you know there are few tricks they can use that make it more convincing, such as those electronic locks that you can access with out key. They could easily get the code just by asking the real owner. Also telling you to send money to a friend you trust and showing him the receipt.

One thing this guy did, is he seams to have the real owners name. I can't find the real owner but no way in hell a real owner would ask you to scan a receipt and show him. And western Union-ing or wire transferring money is very dangerous, even Western Union says don't send the money to someone you don't know.

Bad part is the guy did get all of information, so on monday I am going to be talking to someone from the police department, partly because I have found even more properties in my area being used for scams.

For more information just do a google search for rental scams. Or check out
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