Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I decided I want to write a review about +J.C.Kendall's site Tekpersona. He did not specifically ask me to either. However it was partly in exchange for him hopefully checking out my blog.

I want to mention first that I doubt I am his target audience but likewise he probably isn't mine. So the first thing I noticed about the site was it looked very professional or business-y which I can get bored of but I'm sure in his line of work professional is a good thing. I liked the color scheme which helped allow me to keep reading.

After looking around abit it appears to me that his line of work and what this business does is online web/social media marketing. (I wonder if they could promote my blog if I payed them. Not that my blog offers much in the way of products to promote though, lol).

One thing that stood out to me on their about page was they clearly value experience, I for one feel more re-assured hearing they know what they are doing rather then how some business web pages just say Innovation.

I think the pictures on the title page are kinda fluffy and maybe abit cramped but not too much and besides dead space would be much worse.

One thing the site has that I find very important, the Contact Us link was easy to find. The site also has an interesting "From Our Articles" section which has some good reads like how google+ is a better facebook the facebook, ect.

I like reading things like this so I would have  actually spent more time on his site just checking out the articles.

 However their contact page, solutions, and technology page and some other links never did anything when I clicked on them. I don't know if was me or the site but I couldn't actually get to any articles.

For someone who likes their page or service it is easy to share with all the links to social media sites right in plain site, makes sense for a social media company. However the social media pics at the bottom were just pics or badges or something.

In conclusion, nice looking and professional site that makes me think they could be worth hiring but either the page isn't compatible with firefox or maybe the sites not done. I should also mention I slightly know +J.C Kendall from google+ so my opinion of him is I would hire his company if I had the money. He seams like the type that is a hard worker and won't put up with people standing in his way.

UpDate:  Turns out the site is under Re-Development so the links will be working, when that is done.
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