Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New World

I am still hoping for a Zombie Apocalypse, or maybe for 60 percent of the population to just vanish, but even if nothing cinematic does happen, I still think the world of 2012 is already different if compared to the world 2010 and before.

Whats different? For starters people every through out the last year got of their asses and said I'm sick of this shit and starting protests and revolutions across the world. Egypt, Russia, Tunisia, America, everywhere.

Hackers and others across the internet are taking measures to protect people's freedom no matter what country they live in, including combating censorship harder then ever and even working on making an open source internet via satellites.

There is an ever increasing realization that in a world economy you first need a local Resilient Community.

In other words people are sick of relying on Mercantilism and Facism or any other form of unwanted control. I hope this all turns out for the best, and hope everyone will continue valuing freedom more and more.

So if this is how the old world ends, then maybe it is good enough for me. I only want two things out of life the first being love, the second being freedom.

Although Immortality would be awesome as well.
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