Saturday, September 10, 2011

ADD Campaign log 2

Last time we left off with the PC's returning to town after a near miss with some Stirges. Since they need ed to rest up and Eloum decided to change their arsenal (and since it had been more then a week since playing) we decided a month of time had past in game. Phillip was released for the month but expected to pick back up his duties.

Eloum and Einar shopped around for some new Halberds and got rid of Eloum's old Pike. Eloum paid for one for himself, Einar and Philip. Mean time Thayd went to Caldwell and asked him for the money to hire another person for their group.

Caldwell had already decided to plant an operative in the group (Kol) to make sure they were not wasting his money. This was also an introductory mission for Kol (The Assassin) to see if Caldwell could trust him.

An elaborate ruse was set up too convince Thayd that she had met and hired Kol at "The Old Dukes" Winery. This was almost ruined because Frey, who was given the original hirelings 50 silver, was already at The Old Dukes, trying to hire people.

The negations were successful though and only interrupted by a random run in with The Baron of Black Eagle.  Einar stopped by the market place to buy some whittling tools and then the next morning.they set back off for Caldwell Castle.

Once there they listened at the main door and for some reason, Frey decided to tie his horse to the door and pull it open. While tie-ing his horse to it a Stirge had noticed them and was coming out a window.  Kol threw his net and missed which landed on one of Einars dogs. Frey (the mage) moved up to attack with his staff and missed, followed by a dart missing from Thayd. She spent the rest of the fight missing with darts except one that hit Frey and another that Eloum.

Eventually everyone moved up with their Halberds and Kol with his Trident not to long after all the Stirges were dead. But with Frey at 1hp and Eloum at 0 and Frey having used his spell they decided to camp out.

No hits were landed from the Stirges, oddly.

One interesting thing about tonight adventures is that Kol was made by mike from a 1e AD&D players handbook and required basicly no conversion at all. His equipment was bought from ADD and his classes were filled in most of the way from ADD but everything from AD&D was fine and didn't need changed.

 Adventures Dark and Deep by Joseph Bloch
Module: B1-B9 In search of adventure
Laisa = (Thayd) High Elf, Mage/Mountebank
Me = (Eloum) High Elf, Mystic/Fighter/Savant
Brandon = (Frey) Gray Elf, Mage
Justin = (Einar)Wild Elf, Fighter/Thief
Mike = Kolass (Half-Orc, Fighter/Assassin)

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