Friday, September 30, 2011

D&D Calander

Reading this blog post over at mythopoeic rambling, prompted me to have some ideas for month names I might use in my up coming Kurahast campaign. Probably with some tweeks. A few of my month names are derived from his, but his calendar is done with greyhawk and old school D&D in mind and is also probably better done then mine. I just kinda came up with some quick easy to say names that are somewhat derived from real month names.

I put in parenthesis how the name seams to have been come up with to me. Like I said some are derived from his calendar.

  1. The Month of Djinn                          (jan, jin, djinn)
  2. The Month of Phantoms                  (feb, fan, phantom)
  3. The Month of Armies                      (march, armies march)
  4. The Month of Spells                        (april, A spill, A spell)
  5. The Month of Maidens                   (may, mai, maiden)
  6. The Month of Sand                          (june, dune, sand)
  7. The Month of Lies                           (july, ju lie, lie)
  8. The Month of Winds                        (august, a gust, gusty wind)
  9. The Month of Kings                        (september, scepter, kings scepter)
  10. The Month of Orcs                          (october, orctober, orcs)
    ~ The Day When All is Hallow
  11. The Month of Death                        (november, necro-vember, necro)
  12. The Month of Delight                     (december, de, delight)
    ~ The Mass of Wishes                     (lol, wishmass)

I guess I just made his more generic, but this is the way I will probably be using it. With more holidays added most likely. Now I don't even need to come up with separate constellations as the star signs could match the months names. But I might anyway.
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