Friday, September 16, 2011

Correlation between math grades and creative writing?

I have often wondered why so many writers such as myself find it so difficult to finish projects and yet clearly show at least a basic talent in their writing. I know that it isn't always fear or perfectionism or even writer's block. Well I can't speak for all the other writers out there but I think I have found my problem.

When in a fun class like Creative Writing I did great, but when in a boring class like math where I was suppose to do 60+ problems a day everyday, I just simply didn't do the work. Sure, I got great grades on the tests but I just couldn't imagine how doing another 60 problems on something I have already figured out would help. I could memorize most things anywhere from first try to 3-5 at the most but 60 or more just seamed so pointless to me.

Now of course I wish I had that skill, to just keep doing the problem even when it is boring. So I have two ideas, 1. I should do some writing even when I am not interested. That means write at least one project I care nothing at all about and also follow more writing prompts even when I don't like the prompt. 2. I think I might buy a highschool geometry book, some protractors and rulers and repeat that damned class at home.

Every time I should be writing and feal like I can't then I either write anyway or do 120 math problems.And maybe do at least 2-3 pages of math problems a day and if geometry isn't boring enough I'll try algebra 2.

I bet this will help me with my adventure planning for D&D as well, no more stopping for the night just because I don't feel inspired. Although I will be careful to avoid burnout but thats exactly the skill I hope to acquire a better tolerance of boring before burnout. Right now I go from weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to damn I'm bored screw this.
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