Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Impressions: The Secret Fire

Tonight we made our first characters for The Secret Fire Roleplaying Game. Since we made three characters at once and this system has many interesting differences from any rpg I have played in the past, making the characters did take some time, but not more then the average rpg out there.

I'm sure that if you've read about the Secret Fire before, then you are already aware of its descriptors and energy points. If not then you can get more info here.

The lists of racial quirks was very interesting and fun. Laisa's halfling got "You think dwarves are ok, once you get them smoking." as one of her quirks. Somehow I couldn't find all of the information on the games alignment system but I can tell even that encourages roleplaying.

The actions you can spend energy points on are very loose and easy to bend to fit what you and your players think is reasonable. The combat system looks to be easy enough. My only concern was that the energy points might be a disassociated mechanic, but by thinking of them as your characters daily energy that is replenished by, well being himself, I think it isn't necessarily disassociated.

Many lists such as weapons are kept simple enough that you have the basic choices, which are enough, but can then move on. The Secret Fire is definitely a complete and great game but I like that it can also meld well with other rpg's.

One other thing I liked is the spell names and descriptions were done in a way that sparks my imagination.

At this time I can't think of anything specific that I don't like about the secret fire, but we will see after I actually play test it.
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