Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interdimensional Invasion

Over at Hack and Slash there has been posted a nice set of tables you can roll on to quickly add a plane touched flavor to any monster. I really love tables like this. Useful tools that can make things interesting without any strain on a dm. The fact that I can just roll on it to incorporate it into my campaign is awesome.

A Annecetere and Cruori touched boar
Basically it has a set of five different planes and each one can add various effects to a creature. But even then each one can have slightly random effects based on another d6 roll. So right there is what 30 different possibilities not even counting that each plane touched creature can be touched by two or more planes including even all five.

I was originally just thinking of leaving a comment over there but I love what tools like this that are quick but have depth can do for a dm, but then again I like rolling on tables even for determining tavern patrons.

You check on the tables here.
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