Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what is D&D anyway?

Over at Classic RPG Realms the author (chris, I think) has been posting some interesting articles about how his perception of what D&D was originally suppose to be has been changed quite alot by reading Rob Kuntz's interview and blog.

Now I Personaly always thought of D&D being about the social aspect and getting together to have a shared adventure, but also about the prospect of earning something through the challenge of that adventure. But what Rob Kuntz is talking about makes alot of sense. Apparently is was about creation even to Gary Gygax it was about creating your own world and your own adventures.

Makes me kind of glad now that I was always the type to jump around making my own rules and even my own world/game called sibra1. But somehow I think that by understanding this more players and DM's can stop arguing about editions and rules and what is d&d a wargame or about story or about roleplay, and just remember its about creating and having fun in your own world be it about war or drama or pink elephants.

No matter what edition or game you play you don't need to put another dollar towards any company you don't like and you don't need to prove that you know what old school was about. Even if you think you do know you should read the following interview and articles and also Rob's blog.

Rob's Interview

Rob's Blog

Reading Rob Kuntz (classic rpg realms)
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