Friday, September 30, 2011

About the reviews I do.

I originally started this blog to post about various projects or ideas I come up with about D&D or various rpg's. Then I began occasionally including some of my flash fiction. But it also became a place I could talk about the games and products that I am checking out, rather then just ranting at my wife about them.

But I have noticed that I have a tendency to only post good reviews and opinions and bouncing from topic to topic. Such as talking about Legends and Labyrinths and Adventures Dark and Deep. I think the reason my reviews tend to be good is that if I don't particularly have an interest in a product then I have no motivation to write about it.

I'm sure that at some point I will write about something that didn't live up to my expectations but first I have to care enough to have some expectations.

Anyway I just wanted to mention that no one, not Justin or Joseph or any has specifically asked me to post a review or a good review. Anytime I give an opinion on a product it is my real honest opinion.

If ever I am asked to post a review such as my upcoming review on "The New Death and Others" Then I will post clearly on that page that I have been asked to review it, but my review will still be an honest one.
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