Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nomad Alliance

The pain shot up through my leg suddenly and quickly. I could tolerate it with ease but only for so long. Eventually the damn cramp in my leg was going to give away my position. Of course I was set to be the last one out in this ambush so I was unsure if I could wait until the best moment to show myself.

Then finally some luck. I heard a blowing sound nearly indistinguishable from the breeze. It was one of the Desert Warriors signaling that he could see the enemy approaching. Only a few seconds later I could hear the sound of distant thunder. The Draken army flying in towards the watering hole below the mountain slope we were hiding on.

As the Drakens approached all they could see was a small band of five nomads appearing to have stopped here to allow their Freman too drink. This was the battle that made me desperately want a Freman of my own. Large towering beasts nearly two men tall with six legs and two arms each at least a man thick with an intelligence to match.

I couldn't see the nomads from my position but shortly later the vanguard of the enemy arrived and Dragoons began jumping from their Drakeling mounts in the air too land and secure the place. I could see the flash of their plate armor and lances as they came down.

Everything was going well for us. The moment the Dragoons began touching down more then four dozen large boulders below me were revealed for what they were. Cloth tents painted and hoisted on poles too match the mountain side. Each one flung to the side as an army of the most fearsome barbarians drove their Freman at the grounded troops. Another eight dozen nomads following them on foot.

Its a marvel that no matter how many generations of nomads live and fight on the wastelands they always have a reputation as ignorant and fool hardy. Without a thought and despite the surprise of seeing so many mounted Freman come out of no where, the Drakens saw their chance too use their flying beasts to swoop down on the fight and gain the advantage.

It was beautiful, hearing the shouts of the Desert warriors as they came out of hiding and the twang of their bow stings raining arrows from our great height up and even down at the Dragons and Drakelings that got too close.

The cramp in my leg was getting worse but by then I no longer cared, indeed I was glad we came too help the nomads if for nothing else then to watch the damned Drakens fall for this new trick. Surely the nomads had learned alot from our tactics.

The fight was fully underway now, the dragons and their wizard riders and generals came in last driving right at the mountain. Many warriors ran the charge down the slope while still firing arrows at the enemy. With so many beasts and magic in the air there was almost no threat of arrows raining down on our people.

Then I saw him, a Dark Terran simply known as Id. A traitor in my eyes and a fearsome foe. Like all Dark Terrans he had an affinity for agile combat using clawed gloves and acrobatics. His white skin and hair nearly a blur as he dropped to the ground and dispatched nomads and desert warriors alike as if they were mere children.

This could not stand and I vowed to myself that I would take him down, as I rose from my spot and shouting loud enough that he might hear me and know where I was. "In the name of princess Tiara and all the desert kingdom you die today Id!"

He knew all my tricks and I knew his. His ability to shift into an ethereal form was unique and most likely meant he was a mutant of some kind. I had my axes though fully 10 feet long each when drawn from the pocket dimension mounted on my back. Each one enchanted to be able to even strike a ghost or any creature from the ethereal or any other plane.

I was charging down the hill and yet had only taken ten steps at most when I was surprised too see him suddenly in front of me. I swung quickly but he was gone and reappearing behind me before my axe swept past where he was. I felt a strong kick on my back and nearly lost my balance. It would have been a rough fall through all that rocks, dust and bodies piling up.

I knew that by the time I turned around he would be gone from that spot again. So I swung both my axes back wards in a large arc and assuming he would dodge those I let go and cleverly brought my hands together in the form of a large clap. Sure enough he re appeared in front of me nearly doing a full flip while at the same time striking with both his claws.

Before he could land the blow I had a hold of him and crushed him like a bear hugging a tree. I knew that his ability to switch to the ethereal required him too speak a command word, which was strange for a mutation, so I gladly crushed all of the air from his lungs.

I was contemplating killing him then and there when I noticed the smile on his face. Damn dark Terrans thinking life is just a game or sport. He must have known I would be there and thought of dodging my axes but me getting a hold of him. I'm not sure how, but I knew what he had done when the world had begun too blur before my eyes the sounds of battle growing faint. That strange moisture on his skin wasn't sweat it must have been a drug or potion, some kind of sedative.

The last thing I remember before losing conciseness was his laughter and the words "Your coming with me Azeim, Champion of Kurahast."

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