Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jake The Drifter, Post 1

Like every time before I could see the face of a man, my father. Then I felt sad as the face faded away. Each time I had the dream I felt an so angry at everything even my brother Jake, who takes care of me.

I woke up under a pile of wood. Jake said they were from some old wagons that were broken apart. It was dusty and dark, he wasn't there so I knew to stay put, he always tells me too. Stay somewhere dark and don't move while he's gone. I wiggled around and could almost sit up. My clothes caught and ripped a little, but I didn't care. They were already rags.

I tried too look through and out too the street. I didn't see anyone so I felt safer. Then I heard his voice "missy, come out." I quietly wiggled and slipped out from under the wood.

"These planks probably belong to a wainwright." Jake said "So lets move on before more of the town awakens."

We quietly slipped by the houses and out onto a road, looking around too see if anyone was coming. There were people in the distance but they looked busy. Jake led me too the side of the road and we quietly went deeper into town. I was wishing he would find us some more food this morning but I didn't like bothering him about it.

He was wearing rags like mine but he stood almost as tall as a man at least my height and half again. Too me he always seamed so much more. His messy brown hair was kept short unlike other orphans and he seamed confident and strong, and always busy

I had seen other orphans and beggars kicked or beaten and even arrested but never us, Jake kept us away from everyone especially when someone was angry.

After we walked down the road a little way I asked "Why do you still call me missy?"

"I told you, I just don't want anyone finding out your name." Jake replied. Jake wasn't even his real name but sometimes he would tell people what his real name was, Jackrin.

As we walked more and more people were on the road, most of them buying seeds for the second planting of wheat, in case the ones planted in fall didn't grow enough. The town like all others smelled worse the further in we went. Jake led me into an alley before the side of the road got crowded. We were walking behind shops and got lucky.

A baker opened his back door saw us and nearly went back in with the bucket he was holding. He changed his mind though and tossed sweetbread on the ground. Jake acted as if we were walking past and even said "Good Day" as if he didn't care what the baker was doing. But as soon as the door was closed, he jumped at the food.

He picked it all up even the moldy pieces and we ran for the darkest turn we could find and hid between too buildings. It must have been a cooper on one side, it was noisy with all the hammering and Jake was cramped, but he wedged himself in and then began tearing the bad parts off the sweetbread and ate what was left. He gave me all the best pieces too.

Jake decided too take a look out onto the street. He always told me too avoid anyone who thought they were better then us and so he stayed away from most wealthy travelers. He took a step out from between buildings, while I was peeking out.

He accidently stepped right into a crowd of people as a Carriage went by. I saw a small glimmer as something fell to the ground. I didn't know what it was and was scared for Jake, surrounded by so many people.

Jake put his foot over what had fallen at the same time a scary old man dove for it. "You have lived your life and I am young, will you let me have this?" Jake asked as the man dug at his foot.

"Nooo, its mine I saw it, I want it." The man begged and growled at Jake. The carriage stopped about one house away and a man dressed in silk, I think a merchant, looked out. Jake moved his foot and the old man grabbed the ring holding it in the air shouting, "its mine I have it."

The merchant walked over, he looked angry and said, "I dropped it by mistake, claiming it is yours and not offering its return means you are a thief." The scary old man suddently looked sad. He stuttered but didn't say anything.

Then Jake shouted, "I picked it up first and told this man he could have it, that makes me the thief not him." The merchant looked over, he grabbed the old man by his shirt, took the ring and tossed him to the side.

As the merchant walked up to my brother, Jake said confidently. "Did you not hear the new law, every thief who losses his hand is a worker made useless, so what shall you do? Dirty your clothing to drag me too the stocks? You have your ring sir."

The merchant replied, "Then I shall beat you here!" he grabbed Jake and punched him while keeping him at arms length. I was scared but I remembered what Jake told me, "If I am ever caught and  fight back, then run. If I don't fight then stay where you are and only move too hide."

I kept very quite and slowly moved backward and stayed between the buildings. I could hear only the pounding of the cooper again and I blamed that noise for Jake's mistake, going out right into a crowd.

I stayed there for hours making sure too crouch down and hide yet keep my eyes open, I didn't cry, but I was worried. Jake finally came back he had gone through the alleys to get too me again and that is how we went back out of town as far as we could, and taking the quite roads the rest of the way.
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