Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Nina's Writing Prompt 3) Jake's Choice.

Nina Pelletier said:

Today we are going to work on our writing skills. Everyone should already know about the 5 senses, I think we learned about them in kindergarten, but for writers, there are more senses to consider. Thanks to a wonderful writing course I took, I learned of some of these extra senses that need to be considered, one of them being the Sense of Space.
You want to bring your reader into your scene and feel what your characters are feeling, are they stuffed in a coffin? In the middle of field? Being bumped around the streets of New York during rush hour? How much SPACE does your character have, if any?

Bring us with you, or with one of your characters, into a scene that focuses on the sense of space. 250 words or less please. NOT IN THE FIRST PERSON TODAY PLEASE.

If you are new to the prompt and share, feel free to click here for rules, tips and tricks.

Jake's Choice:

Jake was floating somewhere far above The Nexus. He both lost in thought and yet meditating quietly. He was contemplating whether he should allow his federation to continue experiments that might allow them too literately transcend their mortal existence.

With the vast space of The Nexus below him, he could imagine all of his people all The Drifters running about the planets, researching, teaching, playing and fighting. The activity going to and from the material plane had been stopped so there were no ships near the Nexus’s borders. Jake was alone out there contemplating the existence of nearly a trillion Drifter soldiers and citizens.

“What is transcendence?” Jake Wondered too himself. “I have heard that some do not come back from it and others have no memories of what it was like.”

Images of Ian’s son Nobody came into his head. Nobody was like a nephew to Jake and had somehow through the use of meditation and link too Nirvana managed to transcend on more than one occasion. His entire mortal existence vanishing to a realm that Jake just couldn’t seem to understand.

“I know my men, all of them will gladly go through with the experiment and push the entire Nexus into the unknown. Is that how it’s meant to be done though? Is it right to use technology to go into the realm of mystery. ”

Jake wasn’t afraid, wasn’t even worried. He normally made decisions in the blink of an eye, but this time he had no desire either way. He began to imagine the stars and planets before him were all of existence, stretching on further than anyone had ever gone.

“I know life will go on without me, without us. Do I want it too though? Do I want to move on and have no more contact with all the beings and energies of this existence? ”

There was no answer too Jake’s thoughts. There was only him and everything he had ever known.
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